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  1. hey guys, I'm new here. I've been smoking weed on a nightly basis (although with some significant break periods) for about 7 years. Thing is, I always just bought what I could get and didn't know anything about the various strains of weed available. Anyway, so after almost a year long break (after multiple bad experiences with weed in a short period of timewhich I believe were perhaps to do with smoking a strain that didn't agree with me) I want to start smoking again. The times in my life I've been happiest are the times when I was smoking weed on a regular basis, and not just while I was high either. I suffer from anxiety and mild depression, so I need to know which strain would be best in my situation. I want to be very careful not to worsen my anxiety (or depression). I miss smoking so much I can't even explain it. I was so much more present, creative, open, more relaxed and found great pleasure easily in the little things. It quieted my racing mind. I need that back. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. I would ask for or go after indica strains. They help me the most with my snxiety. My mother and I have been prescribed some knock out drugs before but nothing has helped me like a little bit of some good indica strains.

    I'd stay away from sativa strains or sativa dominant hybrids as they might worsen your anxiety and thoughts like it does to me sometimes.

    So yeah, indica strains are the way to go. Or just search strains for anxiety. Leafly and other websites have a lot of good info about most strains you'll come across

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  3. Super silver haze, blue dream, and maybe just maybe kosher Kush mixed with Oregon skunk.
  4. There is no 'one strain'. I have anxiety and know several others with anxiety and we all have different strains that put us at ease..
    Anyone telling you a certain strain is bullshitting you, no brain is alike.
  5. Some dro..or you could get some kush, chronic, skunk, red bud, purple..ect
  6. Get the leafly ap for your phone. And read all about the different strains, and info. Really useful for what you are looking for and there are bud reviews done as well.

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  7. Depressed people shouldn't smoke weed.
  8. Weed smokers shouldn't be depressed.

    OP this indiva vs sativa talk is a load of shit. Anxiety melts away with high CBD.

    You want creativity too then go for a high CBD sativa dominant strain such as Royal Medic's dance world.
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  9. I've got to agree with the CBD suggestion. Granted, I've had good luck with Blue Dream and Sour Diesel as a pick-me-up for dealing with depression, but I've been smoking more CBD strains lately and have been surprised at how fucking great I feel the next morning. I've had one called West Seattle lately (obviously from Washington), and it's really been doing the job for me.
  10. That's it in a nutshell. Most people who treat depression with weed do it for the instant pick me up while they are high. Good quality high CBD weed, I find, deals with anxiety for 2-3 days without the need to be monged all the time.

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