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  1. Post your best stories of when you were baked. This is my first thread but I love reading these so I'll add one of my own. I met up with my 3 buddies and we split about 5 grams of orange sherbet on top of this hill by the mall. Mind you, this was when we were kinda new so we didn't really have a tolerance. So, we head down to the mall and go to our munchie spot, this hot dog place. We decide to buy some fries and order 4 large. Total price was 12 dollars and we had like 2 bucks. My friend is like, "don't worry guys, I got change". This mother fucker pulls out a giant bag of pennies from his backpack and starts counting them out on to the counter. After he gets like 6 bucks counted out this guy sitting close by starts cracking up and just pays for our food. We thank him way too much and go sit outside. I have a ketchup bottle and I think i need to shake it up. I viciously shake it when i realize it didn't have a lid on it. I sprayed ketchup all over the ground and the store window. It took us 2 hours to eat those damn fries. They tasted amazing.
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  2. Two days ago I bought a gram of granddaddy purple shatter from a friend and smoked by myself for the first time in this big forest outside of Portland called Forest Park. This was my third time getting high and I had never used a pen before so I got a LOT more high than I intended. I didn't feel anything at first and then I started having memory issues and I got completely whack while walking on the forest trails. It was kind of crazy because I lost all ability to act normal so what I ended up doing was walking off trail down this hillside into a field of stinging nettles, laid down on a log, and took my pants off and jacked off for an hour and forty or so minutes. I was completely out of it. I then just laid on the log for a really long time... it sucked lol because I had stinging nettle bumps all over my legs and got more than 35 mosquito bites on my arms and legs. Afterwards I walked up this hill to this circle of logs and found two dudes chilling, one smoking a spliff. I asked the dude with the spliff what he was smoking and he said purple haze and the guy next to him said he was gonna huff gorilla glue. I was still relatively baked so I told them my story lol and the guy with the spliff offered me a hit but I refused because I knew I had to drive home. When I told I smoked some g.d.p he just kind of gave this very approving nod and asked if he could take a hit but I said no... I ended up walking for another hour or so just to feel sober enough so I could drive home safely and then got high again yesterday, except I didn't get completely out of it lol... I was high but I could at least function, I legit still feel high today even though I haven't vaped since yesterday. I accidentally sort of blanked out while driving a couple of hours and hit my wheel against the sidewalk and craked part of the spokes off... don't drive if you still feel high!

  3. i picked up a full 8th (3.5gs) and then met my friend at his place it was about 11am when we met up, we smoked all day till we only had one joint left, we decided to pick up more about 10pm as I walked out his I sparked the joint and 3 police cars pulled up so I dashed my joint in a bush they stop and searched us kept asking why our eyes were red, in the end they let us go and we scored more weed was a good night/day :smiley-rolling-joint:

  4. & also just various random road trips to skate with weed we're good 7-20 of us would go on a road trip and by the time we got to the skate parks we were fucked up from the weed/beers haha
  5. I was hanging with a friend one night some years back. High grade weed was not the norm here back then. I had just bought my first quarter of some good shit. So me and my buddy are smoking it up and having a blast just listening to music. We finish up our sesh its like 1 AM so I'm like fuck it I'm going home. I decided to let my friend hold on to the weed for me since it was extra stinky and we had smoked i my car.

    So as I'm heading home I'm decide I need to get home faster and take a back road shortcut to remain off radar. Too bad those fucking cops think the same damn way. As soon as I hit my first turn bam a motherfucking line of cops parked across the road. Yep boys it was a checkpoint. And guess who is the only dumbass driving on the road right now? Well of course when I roll up to the cop hes all like why does it smell like that in your car. I'm all scared so I'm like I smoked in my car earlier officer thats why it smells like that. So they pull me out and the cops all asking me shit about how much weed is in my car because of how much it reeked.

    I mean I'm shitting bricks over here and theses motherfuckers are having cops just pull up to the scene just to see how far away from my car they can stand and still smell the weed. Any way I had given all my shit to my friend earlier so they found nothing after a search and the cop was so nice he let me go if I would call y parents and tell them why he pulled me over. Well little does he know my parents already knew I had been smoking since college so I called them so quick to come get me. Best feeling ever.

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