Best stoner band

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Best stoner band?

  1. Beatles!!!!!!!

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  2. im stupid and have no life(not the beatles)

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  3. i dont listen to music

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  1. whats your favorite?
  2. STRUNGOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beatles all the way.
  4. Beatles are definatley my pick.

    The grateful dead are good too.
  5. beatles = teh sucks

    greatful dead = win
  6. My middle name is Lennon :D
  7. beatles suck.
  8. fuck you. :D beatles kick your ass. no one asked for negative shit anyways, just post who you like
  9. i love children of bodom whrn im stoned, the solos are amazing on the hatebreeder album
  10. take a guess! =D (avatar, avatar)
  11. children of bodom duuuude reprazent.... six six six poounnder

    pink floyd/led zeppelin wins while stoned though imo
  12. []D []=[] [] []=[]

    or Phish. And Pink Floyd. And Hendrix. And Zeppelin.

    Wow, all my favorite bands also happen to be stoners.
  13. Red Hot Chile Peppers is the SHIT when you're blazed. They are such a chill band, I can listen to them forever.

    Another good one is Hella. They're an instrumental duo, but they can seriously flip out with their music. Very trippy.
  14. Incubus, Hendrix and Marilyn Manson. Depends on the mood.
    But playing is more chill when blazed, just not when stoned :p
  15. I really cant stand when people take all genres(sp)of music and say its the best when your stoned. There really is only one type of stoner music and thats classic rock. Zeppelin, Beatles, Halen, Hendrix, Floyd, Dylan, Allman Brothers, Petty, Marly.

    I cant stand people who listen to Emo or Metal or any of this new shit and try to claim that it is the best stoner music, because it really isnt and i find it hard to belive people can actully chill out to that stuff.
  16. beatles are ok, but nobody beats Phish, Pink Floyd, or Sublime

  17. On the contrary, I find that hardcore (AKA Metal with a splash of emo/punk) can make a rather transcending experience when you're high, especially Underoath... even moreso at a live concert.

  18. : ahem :

    Surely you don't have a problem with Led Zeppelin, HB? Please tell me that you recognize that they were masters at musical composition.

    I feel my universe quivering....

  19. Everyone has their own tastes man...some ppl also find it hard to believe that old music is good to listen to...I personally like a lot of different kinds of music...Tool, Primus, Incubus, John Butler Trip, Led Zep, Red hot chilli's, Chemical Bros, Infected Mushoom.....Love em all

  20. I agree that stookeys post was ignorant, but don't be so quick to hate on classic rock...

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