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  1. hello everyone. i live in the U.S. and i desperately need some great seeds. i have grown bagseed plants for a few years and i am ready and very willing to step up to the real deal. so heres the thing.... i am very paranoid about using a credit card ordering seeds and also i am worried about losing seeds and possibly getting busted because of it. i have heard of people mailing money over to the seed banks instead of credit card. that seems pretty risky too. i'd love to hear watever you guys know and hopefully someone has the hookup 4 me. peace
  2. don't worry about using a creditcard, i ordered seeds for the first time just now. and i got the package unopened and there was no receipt or anything other than the seeds i ordered.

    and the package doesnt say where its from other than a discreet address, and i've been assured by the customer service here that the package contains nothing that can be traced back to you and foreign police authorities cant ask a company in another country to release your info.

    so if the package gets caught by customs, then you can't be blamed for something someone sends to you! and they cant bust you for having seeds either cuz you did'nt get them.
    so basically they just take the seeds from you and you probably get a letter saying that someone tried to send you an illegal item.

    so theres nothing to lose :)
    unlike other companies like where they send all your personal info, grasscity seems pretty safe to me :)
    expensive though, but safe.
  3. thanks for the confidence boost! what are the cannabis laws like waaaaayyyyy over there in norway?
  4. well even though we're supposed to be free and happy. the government has protective laws about EVERYTHING :(
    the sentences aren't the harshest in the world (max 21 years for murder)
    but its just every little stupid thing that gets me..
    why the would they ban some juice/lemonade JUST because they found some trace elements of caffeine???

    they DO sell coca-cola ffs :p
    there's just alot of crazy laws about every little thing, but actually there's low crime rates and you gotta do ALOT before you're charged with anything.

    but we're the land of the free nonetheless, we don't get arrested by fbi for downloading mp3's or talking negatively about Bush or politics ^^

    and unless you're a bigtime dealer or bigtime importer/grower, then you can basically do what you want with weed ^^ . just remember, we're the wealthiest nation in the world(also one of the most expensive 2), we're exporting fish and Oil, and we have no foreign debts and a huge-ass oil-fund. so its not all bad to live in norway :p

    but i'm seriously worrying about when they're gonna try to ban tobacco completely, what the hell am i gonna mix with then? amsterdam gold? :p ^^
  5. dude u just taught me more bought ur country then all the years i took history class. and that is awesome! i didnt no u guys were loaded over there. if i was in the wealthiest country in the world id be ok not drinking caffinated lemonade. lmao. the laws with mary j r so ridiculous over here. the gov. is oudda control. i am actualli thinking of moving to europe and starting a new life there. america is over rated man! BELIEVE THAT. peace
  6. hehe, well it IS damned expensive though, the paychecks are higher too but the tax level is really high cuz we have free medical and many other wellfare stuff. but its just too many small laws and rules that makes you feel like you can't do anything anymore, in some cities you can get fined up to 1750$ just for peeing in a park :p

    it has its advantages and its disadvantages. and we're not so much loaded either, we're just saving a minimum of 65 billion NOK (1$=5,81 NOK) every year to pay off future pensions and such. so instead of keeping everything in top shape we just fix things when they're broke and then saving some billions for a rainy day. although i'm not sure as to why we can't spend more on keeping a stronger military or reducing hospital lines.

    i would actually prefer to live in denmark ^^ the people there seems so much more open and happier than in norway :p
  7. our government is the best!. i love it soooo much! its incredible how perfect we have it. weed is bad anyway, rite? everything here is perfect. yat george w bush!!!!! hahahahaha
  8. hehe, better watch out for the patriot act ^^
    i think there's a common problem in western countries that many people just sit back and settle for whatever's in their backyard. people should understand there IS a whole world out there. like in heroes, new york is only about 0,3 % of the worlds population or whatever the number was ^^

    we're probably just getting to comfy in front of our tv and computers ^^
    the entire world should just smoke weed and be happy lol
  9. o yeah! almost forgot. let me just fix that real quick...there we go. much better. lol
  10. hahahaha, now that's some royal asskissing! ^^
    now down to more seedtalk, i'm still a newb grower, but i've read and heard alot about K2 seeds. now if its the THC you're after then i really think this is your thing! ^^

    i'm just trying out some skunky seeds in my wallcloset. i don't expect much since i have crappy lighting and little heat in there. but i think i should be able to at least grow me alittle something that reminds me of the heavenly goddess maryjane.
  11. i finally did it! my white widows are being shipped!
  12. hehe gongrats :)
    just hope they aren't confiscated by some fluke.
    seeds don't smell or anything, so there's little chance of being caught, but at least they can't charge you for anything people try to send you if they do catch it.
  13. im really hoping they get here cuz idk how many times i can afford to pay 4 seeds the gov. ends up with
  14. well bush and his daughters needs their stuff too you know.
    besides the seeds arent that expensive anyway :)
    or, at least from my point of view. although i am alittle low on cash atm. hehe
  15. u suk! lol theyre expensive as far as im concerned. lol 40 buks 4 ten beans
    luckily im a skilled cloner so tjose genetics will last years with me.
  16. i gave 35 bucks for the starters kit, 25 seeds and and a minigreenhouse included...
    of course it could be crap but i'm just a seasoned toker and not much of a grower, yet!

    anyway 35$ is like a pack of cigaretts some soda and chips and 2 frozen pizza's. if you buy it cheap that is! ^^
    but the NOK is high in value and the U.S dollar is ultralow atm. so that has alot to say.
    but to give you an idea of taxes and prices in norway on things: 13-16$ for a pack of cigaretts, 8$ per gallon of gasoline, medium bigmac is about 12$, 1,8$ for a quarter with milk, a litre of vodka= 51$ (depends on what kind of vodka :p)
    so for me 35$ + shipping isn't that much money hehe
    but i've just started and apprenticeship where i only make about 6,5-8 per hour(12% tax on that too), so i gotta save alittle money until i rise in pay in about 5 months ^^
    thats why i started growing my own shit:p
  17. shit dude! whys everything cost more if your currency is stronger? it cost me 40 bucks for ten seeds and gas is 2.60 a gallon. and thats double compared to what it cost 5-10 yrs ago.
  18. personally, it's sending cash/money orders through the mail that makes ME paranoid because some postal workers have sticky fingers. i learned this the hard way when two out of two money orders i sent out with INSURANCE & DELIVERY CONFIRMATION disappeared and even then, the post office said "it sucks to be you" when i tried to buy an import CD from a record store.

    i've ordered seeds 4 times with CC (3 at drchronic & 1 at gypsy nirvana) with no problem, but was totally stressing the 2+ weeks it took for my money ordered seeds to arrive from gypsy.

    virtually EVERY anti-seedbank rant i've seen has been from someone who sent money through the mail. ever see a postal sorting room christmas time feeding frenzy on hidden camera? it's ugly.

    i've never heard of anyone getting busted for buying seeds yet. the worst that happens is someone snags your money or beans or they get siezed in which case you get an empty package and a letter from the government.

    as long as you don't order from canada (who doesn't want to do buisness with the US anyways because the US ILLEGALY crossed the border and arrested seedbank owner marc emory) you should be fine. order from the UK or netherlands.

    once you break your cherry and get your 1st seed order, you'll relax ALOT when it comes to ordering and opening it is better than x-mas because you KNOW you got EXACTLY what you wanted. ;)
  19. first off all there's 25% tax on everything you buy. and gasoline and cigaretts and anything bad for you have additional taxes (pay more to kill yourself? lol). and we also have pretty high income taxes and there's a tax on almost anything too. but the gasoline still beats me as to why it should cost so much, there's the 25% taxes on anything you buy, international market prices and extra fees on pollution and some other taxes. but we're an oil nation FFS :p

    but when the average pay for a worker is about 42 000-50 000 $ a year and the minimum wage is about 37 000 $ then you manage ^^ , plus due to long years with low loaninterests and high oil prices and low dollar value. then things seem abit more drastic than it is. but 5-10 years ago the dollar was worth 7-8,5 NOK, now its worth about 5,8 NOK so there's that too.

    but with high wages comes crazy taxes and prices, so its not like everybody can just pay off their house morgage in 5 years :p a house in the bigcity can cost you 400 000$ and often more. but we are kinda wealthy compared to many other countries i suppose, but its a long way from perfect. still can't smoke weed on the street, hehe.

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