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  1. Hey guys,

    I've been doing research for a while now, but I still am having a hard time finding the starter grower kit with the best quality/budget ratio. To give you an idea of the setup I'm looking for I'll post a couple of links I've already been looking at.


    HTG Supply - HTG 400w Grow Tent Kit

    Do either of these seem legit, or would I be better off buying every part individually?

    If anyone has recommendations/advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy toking!
  2. So, I've pretty much decided that while tent kits are convenient; that buying each piece individually is more so what I want to do.

    So, any recommendations for quality/budget components would be greatly appreciated.

    Tent I was looking at:




    Still undecided on the rest. Any help is appreciated folks.
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  3. Hey man are you still needing help? If so just respond back and put together some information.
  4. Thanks for the response bud.

    I have most parts in mind at this point, but any input is welcome.

    Tent and ballast I linked earlier are still what I had in mind as far as that is concerned.

    Decided to go with this filter and fan combo however:

    Do you think that would provide adequate enough ventilation for my size tent?
  5. Yep 6 inch is big for that size. I have it on the same tent and on the lowest setting will still suck in the sides. I would definitely get a speed controller though. I went budget on my grow and am happy. What sort of budget to you have? Remember you still need to buy pots, soil, ducting, clamps, nutes, and phing materials. If you can give me a range for budget I probably would be of more help.
  6. I thought 4in would be better for that size tent. Will definitely be picking up a speed controller to try and minimize noise.

    I'm hoping to keep it under $600 for everything.

    Was looking into foxfarm ocean soil and their triple soil nutrient pack.

    Philips HPS/MH bulbs.

    As far as pots/clamps/ducting/phing I have yet to look into at all. I'm sure I may be missing some things as well.
  7. How are you getting air into your tent? I have a 4" Apollo inline cf with speed control and a booster fan to get air in my tent. If you go with a 6" it maybe loud. but you can buy a muffler they work great! Good Luck with everything Btw: eBay has really good deals too!

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  8. Was honestly probably just going to use my window AC for intake, or would that not be the best idea?

    This is all pre-planning btw for my first grow :smiley-rolling-joint:
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  9. That's how mine is, when it's not to cold I put it in the window. If it's really cold I put my booster fan on the window sill and put the ducking down the top port a little past my light, then my fan circulates the fresh air then goes out the cf! My temps have been good.[​IMG][​IMG]n[​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Love the setup.

    I was planning on running an open wing reflector with the 400w. Anyone know if I'll have any trouble maintaining temp, or will I be fine with the exhaust and a circulating fan or two? It can get pretty hot here in the summers.
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  11. I have a 400w in a 40x40. 6" exhaust and one desktop fan in the canopy. Lights on temps range between 75-79 which is just about perfect. 66-70 with lights off. Should be alright depending on the temp air you're pulling in.

    But I'm in a basement which helps keep things cool. I just saw your "pretty hot" comment. You may have to just see how it goes.

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  12. I would probably be okay as long as I blast the AC during the summer, but I probably will go ahead and invest in some proper intake flow as well.

    Really appreciate the feedback guys. Pretty excited about setting up my first personal grow. :biggrin:
  13. I'm making a template of my A/C vent which is under my window, so I'm gonna make a vent that I could put my ducking on to it, so I'll get all the Air that comes out the vent when the central is on! Hopefully it will work okay. Cause it gets hot here in the summer. Good Luck with your Grow

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  14. Thanks again for all of the input everyone. Will more than likely be posting pics of my setup when complete.

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