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Best spots to grow cannabis (Swamps, Berry Patches, etc.)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by COOOL, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. :DThe questions i ask in this thread are for experienced growers only:D

    Pot Growing Locations
    Many people know that thriving berry patches give off a similar radar color as cannabis. This is why raspberry and blackberry patches are prime spots. The swamp is good because deer and other animals tend to stay away from these spots, and it is very wet (weed grows like a weed and it will thrive with alot of water). A fellow grower claims the best spots are when your foot will smoosh in the ground a few inches.
    Does anybody out there with lots of growing experience know of any other prime locations? Has anyone grown cannabis in a swamp region or berry patch, and how were the results?

    Soil volume
    Outdoor growers dig large holes in the ground outside and re-fill with great soil mixes that cannabis will thrive in. My plan for this summer is to dig big holes probably sized like a 20 gallon pot, maybe bigger.
    Is this a big enough hole or should i dig it larger to ensure optimal growth? Will it be worth digging it bigger than 20 gallon? (Soil costs alot of money). ​

    My Soil Mix
    I plan on using a perfect soil that my plants will thrive in. My plans are to use 60% or so Pro-Mix potting soil and 15% worm castings for the top of the hole. The rest of the 25% will be organic fertilizers. The last 25% will stay at the bottum of the hole. I plan on mixing a shovel full of bonemeal, a shovel full of dolomite lime, a few shovels of cow manuer, a shovel of bat guano, a few shovels of worm castings.
    When using polymer crystals to hold water, how much should i use in my mix? Should polymer crystals be at the bottum of the hole or spread out? Should i cover the top of the hole with mulch? Whats a good mulch?

  2. it sounds like your holes are large enough and the extra effort for the larger holes wouldn't be worth the very small difference it would make. the one thing i can say for your soil is that you need peralite, i'd do around 20-30% peralite, this allows your roots to breathe and promotes quicker plant growth
  3. yes sir, pro-mix has plenty of perlite and vermaculite so ill be set with that...can anyone answer any of my questions??
  4. i'm not familiar with polymer crystals, i use vermiculite, but you almost always want a consistent medium, so i'd go with mixing it all up, and the mulch shouldn't be necessary, i mean if you can only water it every other week you proboably want it, but it'll just be another thing to make your plants stick out.
  5. you can do fine with 2by2 holes and if the ground spooshes than you cant plant there. If you were to dig your holes there the holes would slowly fill up with water. Too much will drown the roots
  6. Okay, I'm going to be overqualified for your answers, cause not only am I an experienced pot grower, but also a military veteran who has spent alot of time in the gunners seat staring out through an infared sight(IR), and I am an avid deer hunter so this will be IMHO.

    First, IR doesn't give off different colors, only shades of red and white. Berry patches are good, planting around any similar sized shrubs is fine.All plants give off heat, MJ is just a little hotter.Don't plant alot in one spot, or plant in an open field, or near things that don't give off heat.

    Swamps are full of deer and other animals, in the summer they go there to stay cool and for water, and when it gets colder they go there for cover.

    If the ground is soggy, and squishes under your feet, as another poster said, your holes are gonna fill up with water.The best locations depends on your enviroment.Most people, including 5-O, look near water sources, i.e. rivers, lakes, and swamps.I've had plenty of pot ripped off near these areas,not all but enough. The places I had to carry water to have never been touched.

    The size of your hole is really strain dependant.If you are growing something that is only gonna top out at 4-6 feet, then your holes are way too big, a 5-10 gallon hole is more than enough with a good soil mix. Remember, you are growing in the ground, just loosen up the native dirt around your hole and if your plants need more root room, they will find it.

    And the amendments you are putting in the bottom of your hole really should be mixed in throughout, to more evenly feed the plants.

    With all that said, good luck!
  7. I grew 10 feet from the edge of a swamp last year and they all got 7 feet tall + by using just the natural soil that was there and nutes about once a month. The plants stayed really nice and green and grew really fast by the swamp compared to the ones I had in baught dirt that I had to manually water.
  8. I grow in a swamp but up on top of an "island" per say. There is a natural bump that sticks out of the swamp about 24 inches. I grow on that and they go nuts! I have never had to water them.
  9. thanks alot everyone for the good advice!

    I will be transplanting big clones that my friend is takin care of me for....like im talkin 2 foot bushes so i got a nice head start.

    dirtfarmer- i went to stake my spots with a gps and i found a nice area....this is way in the woods...its near a river and the area seems to have been logged a while back....its about 200 ft from a 15 ft river in an area that is now somewhat swampy and watery. The spots will get alot of sun almost all day. The open trails from logging have raspberry and blackberry stalks that are tall. My question is...does this sound like a spot a helicopter would look since its near a stream?? Maybe it will be alright because of the thorn bushes but i dono..im plannin on putting around 70 nice plants out scattered around prolly a half mile or less of woods maybe 100 ft width jus scattered everywhere...i wont be putting plants any closer than prolly 20 ft cuz there gonna be giants.

    Being up in canada im hopin they will finish early enough. Ill be growin "satora" or somethin like that im not sure when it finishes i gotta do some reaserch. Im payin my buddy alot of money for these clones.

    Can someone tell me if its beneficial to put plastic on the inside of the planting hole?? I saw brown dirt warrior do it and ive heard people say its good but wont this stop the roots from growing down? Maybe it will be a good idea so that all my organic manures ill buy stay in the hole and dont drain??

    Also....What kind of lime do i want i see "pulverized garden lime" in stores along with pelletized lawn lime....i cant find "dolomite lime" will any of the others work???
  10. anyone??:rolleyes:
  11. I grow at an old abandon barn near my dads house, nobody has been there for years except for me I think, I got two Hawaiian Kush Plants growing in 5 gallon buckets. They are going just fine, but I really hope nobody trys to sneak on the property, which is likely because there are always punks rolling through my neighborhood.
  12. Shiiiiit son
  13. A good spot I have used is in pricker bushes. They are normally found in clearings, and atleast in my mind no animal is going to want to eat the plant enough to wade through a pricker bush to get to it. Just my two cents
  14. Mattyblaze, i understand your logic there, but i have been proven otherwise. I put 4 power plants, 3 durban poison, and a bag seed plant all out in an area surrounded by pricker bushes. I was gone two days... came back... and all that was left was 2 power plants and 1 durban poison... i was like :eek: WTF!?!?!? I even had chicken wire around by power plants and where there is a little spot is where my power plants were bitten in half. So my recommendation is to piss on your plants a lottt.... or make sure you fence them up pretty good with something thats not noticable... i hate deer... gl all

  15. Sorry I haven't answered you yet, COOOOL, been out digging my own holes.lol Its a busy time of year.

    Your grow area sounds prime. I have grown around that type of terrain alot, the dirt is usually fantastic near river bottoms.I have been trying to stay away, cause alot of people(bud pirates and cops), check the river bottoms around here for MJ. Even if a helicoptor comes through, as long as you don't have like an acre in one spot IMO you'll be okay- unless they get 20 feet tall:eek:, remember most helos can't get lower than the tallest tree, and think about how hard it is to spot MJ from 50 to 100 feet if you don't know where it is.

    I don't personally put bags in my holes, or plastic, just in case the plant needs more stretching room for the roots, all your good dirt will stay in the hole.Where you are talking about growing sounds like the dirt is prolly awesome anyway.

    As far as lime goes, you want the finest you can get, so it will work fastest.You don't need very much lime to adjust PH, but you do need to do it asap to get it working on your soil.Another alternative to lime is wood ashes. I heat with wood, and add a cup of ashes to every hole.I won't be putting anything in my holes till the end of may, but I dig them now so that the ashes start working and any woodland creature will satisfy thier curiosity before I put plants or seeds in there.

    Please don't piss on your plant. Piss near it if you want, but not on it.Know anybody with a dog? Use dog hair or straw bedding from a kennel and spread it around out of sight, or spring for repellant. I expect to lose about 25% every year to pirates, cops, and animals, sometimes I do better, sometimes worse.If every seed or plant grew out without trouble, it would be a miracle.I am not trying to be a downer, but expect loss somewhere-somehow.

    Anyway, hoped that helped, and good luck!:smoking:(wakenbake)
  16. Thanks again dirtfarmer for providing me with great information...

    I been researching alot and have decided to change my soil mix and hole size.
    Im thinkin more of a 10-15 gallon hole now. And instead of buying a bunch of manures and compost im just gonna get a base mix of probably 90% pro-mix, 10% worm castings. From then i will add the following and mix everything together and let it compost for 2 weeks prior to planting:
    2 TBS/gal garden lime
    1 TBS/gal blood meal for N
    2 TBS/gal bone mean for P
    1 TBS/gal kelp meal or ground seaweed for K

    And yes dirtfarmer ill be getting a two 8 month old mother plants that are a 5 ft tall BUSHES....im expecting these fellas to get around 20 ft..lol...maybe i should move all the giant plants to a different location so my spot doesnt get busted??

    Ill be sure to take some pictures for all of ya at the end of season cuz this is gonna be epic. im just imagining the yield these giants will get...5-10 lbs???? well see!!!!:hello:
  17. Find an old cowpen that has been abandoned for a few years. You will think you hit the lottery. Very little maintence and watering with high yield, high quality. I found this type of location twice. I grew huge plants of excellent quality from bagseed, much better than the smoke the seeds came from, most likely Mex.

    good luck,

    Billy Buzzard
  18. I grow in large thorn patches out in the woods, for me bud rot is an issue when growing in swamps, people and larger animals avoid thorn patches however I still use black chicken wire to avoid damage from small critters.

    Garden lime is domolite lime the finer the better, mix everything equally in your soil mix, you should consider other soil ammendments, kelp meal is full of hormones, enzymes, amino acids, trace minerals, and a great source of potassium, reduces transplant shock, and heat tollerance, neem seed meal strengthens plant imunity reducing insect and mold damage, you could use mineral rock too, azomite has it all. I wouldnt bother using plastic liner in your holes.
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    This is a good post all the way around.
    I know erradication programs and activities well and they just dont depend on radar. They ALL, every single one without exception depend solely and entirely on sight. If you'de ever seen cannabis from 4000', you woulld know why.

    Blackberry patches are good because they require very similar growing conditions to cannabis:Rich soil, full sun and they dont like cold air and usually grow on a southern slope or raised area where cold damp air drains away.

    Cannabis hates wet feet and swamps are low lying areas. Cold air settles in low lying areas and warm water/cold air makes fog which can linger until lunch. No swamps.

    A 4' afghani has a root ball you can put in a 3gallon bucket. Jack Herrer has a rootball that you need a 30 garbage can to put the root ball in.

    Right on dirtfarmer.

    PS. Yes, they can spot 1 single plant 3' tall from 4000'. It stands out like a wedding dick.

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