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Best spot to smoke? any suggestions...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. so im moving into a new house in a little bit, and was wondering where the best spot to smoke would be that wouldnt really stink up the house or be too noticable..just askin from anyone who tokes up at home..but its a two storyhouse and my room(2nd floor) has a nice sized window thats on the side of the house i guess i could use to blow smoke out of, but the smell may linger throughout the house..then theres a two door garage and my car would be in there all the time since it needs repair, so maybe i could hotbox that in the garage at night, maybe being in the car and in the garage would prevent the smell from seekin out all over the street at once i could just crack the garage door when im done to let it air out, and finally the backyard is pretty big and is woodgated(just saying so no one can actually see whats going on in my backyard) but theres always the risk of neighbors catching a wiff of it. It is outside though and i dont think the smell would stick around too long outside ya any suggestions for someone trynna smoke up a new house with out getting the neighborhood in on it? lol
    *sidenote* I have a brother that lives there but he smokes weed too, and i have been busted by the folks but me and my bro convinced them its was just black nd mild smoke:D though i dont smoke tobacco at all thats what they believe the smell is whenever i smoke(theyve apparently NEVER smelled weed or black nd milds growing up, crazy right?)..I just more worried with neighbors ya know!
  2. smoke goes up dude. you dont really have to worry about it unless youre living with parents. upstairs would be the best idea. just have a designated room to smoke in. just the door and open a window and all the smoke will go out the window and go up.
  3. Upstairs for sure.
  4. One of my best friends lives in a highly residential neighborhood (kids, old folks, parents) and has never had a problem with people reporting them for weed, even though we blaze daily.

    But if you're worried about it, up stairs would be the best as everyone has said. Smoke rises.
  5. I knew a guy in high school who used to smoke in his bedroom. He would just go underneath his blankets and use a spoof (toilet paper towel tube filled with dryer sheets). Since you're an adult, I would skip going under the blankets and invest in a high quality spoof, should run about less than a dollar ;)
  6. thanks for the suggestions, and upstairs it is
  7. Cover door wit like a shirt open the winfow and just blow outta tha window somwhat and leve it open (unless its really cold out :p) but close the window till its almost shut i guess
  8. In your room for sure. What I do is open the window all the way, stick my entire upper body out of the window and toke outside, using a spoof when blowing out. That's if you really need it to not smell. Keep the window open for safe measure. A towel under the door helps too if it's not sketch.
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    Buy a smoke buddy or make a makeshift carbon sploof, carbon will eliminate the smell the best. Smoke outside, blow through your smoke buddy/carbon sploof, minimal smoke & smell(unless, of course, you smoke j's or L's ;)).
    Good luck :wave:

    Edit: Not to mention I smoke outside every night and no complaints have been reported about smell and shit, but then again I smoke with a bubbler and bong :smoke:
  10. You're garage would be fine, it wouldn't let any smell into your house and as long as you don't dump your ashes it won't smell.

    Your room out the window would probably be fine too, use a sploof.

    Outside no neighbors will bother you. Outside the smell will last for like 5-10 mins tops and if nobody can see you nobody can prove anything. The absolute worst that could happen with neighbors is that they'd mention to your parents if they suspected but I doubt it. IF they called the police nothing would happen. "911 I smell weed idk where its coming from help plz" Police would likely not respond or just do a drive by to catch anyone walking around.

    Whatever you choose you should be fine. Be paranoid with all your smoking and paraphernalia and you won't get caught!
  11. The beach over looking the ocean alone at sunset/sunrise. Nothing will ever be good enough after that haha.

  12. And that's the best way to do it my friend :smoke: and yea ive recently started using a sploof and had NO complaints about any kind of smell what so ever..def bongs and sploofage though!

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