Best Songs To Listen To When High

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  1. What is your guys favorite song/ genre (if you cant narrow it down) to listen to when smoking or chilling all music groups are welcome I like almost all music except country now if you country freaks can get over that any suggestions mine would be rap

  2. I love lots of stuff when I'm baked...mostly rock and metal.  Deftones are always good, Pink Floyd is amazing, Tool is one of my favorites, Nirvana is awesome, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Volbeat, System of a Down, Five Finger Death Punch...I love all sorts of types of rock when I'm high and when I'm sober.  =)
  3. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane is a good one. You wanna get stupid baked before you listen to it. 
  4. It depends what mood I'm in. Sometimes I want to have dubstep or d&b, other times I like to have a good headbang to a bit of metal. I always enjoy punk though - Rancid, NoFX, Pennywise etc.  
  5. Pink Floyd and the doors are awesome. Stuff like when the musics over by the doors is great while high. As long as it is chill music I can dig it. STP has some good stuff too.
  6. Korn - Got the life

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  7. Pink Floyd is good but I also really enjoy dubstep
  8. Several spiecies of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict. Pink Floyd from the Ummagumma CD.
  9. digital underground same song and the second song, the hunpty dance
    paula abdul oppasites atract
    JIMMY RAY - are you jimmy ray i grew up to those songs in high school in 1997
  10. I would have to say I'm a classic rock guy, but I recently stumbled across Morcheeba. Very groovy.

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  11. Jam Bands    Funk    Classic Floyd
    Black Sabbath when exploring the unknown.
  12. I wanna get high
    Spit your game
    Electric feel
    Blueberry yum yum
    Going back to cali
    Any tupac or biggie
  13. All Wiz Khalifa. My favorites are the Taylor Allderdice or Kush and OJ mixtapes. Nothing beats wakin and bakin to kush and oj... ever.

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  14. For a peaceful introspective high I like John Denvers Season Suite. To get lost in 'sonic epicness' I like Symphony X - When All Is Lost. I also devour anything on Redemptions albums Snowfall on Judgement Day and Mortal Coil. Dream Theater has a lot to offer too, in fact check out "Space Dye Vest" when you are good and high, make sure its loud and you have a good subwoofer to fully experience.
  15. I forgot, Kamelot - Prodigal Son. It starts slowly and beautifully and over the next 9 mins blooms into quite an epic song. Also "Song For Jolee" if you can appreciate piano and vocals.
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  17. Lots of good music when baked. Rock, rap, etc.. Kid Cudi and Wiz are the best when high.
  18. Grateful Dead - American Beauty
    Ultimate feel-good album to smoke a few joints to.

    If I wanna get fucked up and do like 6 or 7 fat bong hits, I like trippy and spacey psychedelic stuff like Pink Floyd, dub music (e.g. Sly & Robbie) or old school Swedish death metal like Grave.

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