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  1. I'm planning for my first grow and can't decide what soil i want to use...I've heard that fox farm ocean forest is the best but I want a few more opinions. I'm looking for something that is easily available, inexpensive, and will give me the best possible plant. Thanks
  2. Well, I used to use Fox Farm but one day I went to buy some soil at the feed store and they didn't have any Fox Farm. This was pretty fucking odd because Fox Farm is made here. Anyway I started talking to the guy who runs it and he was like "yeah, we stopped buying them, after they went corporate they gave us a big 'fuck you'" - back in the day Fox Farm was really unknown and this particular feed store had been carrying them since they were a tiny brand

    Anyway he recommended Amazon Bloom and I haven't looked back
  3. Since using FFOF for the first time nearly 7 years ago, I have not and probably will not use another soil unless something revolutionary comes along in the nanotechnological age (age forthcoming) with micro-robots that instantly destroy bacteria, automatically correct pH, expedite delivery of nutrients.... :smoking:
  4. The best and cheapest is home made compost and worm casting. I have always had the best results with natural compost. FoxFarm doesnt even come close. So much so that i still have to bags of FFOF.

    Keep'em burnin'
  5. FFOF cant be beat.:smoking:
  6. You mean exactly how FFOF is made?

    "Composted forest humus, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss with earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest sea-going fish and crab meal."

    FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

    In all seriousness, making your own soil rocks.. I wish I had the time for it.

  7. here's the deal fox farm is a great grow but it comes in huge ass bags (about 50lbs) so if you are only plant a few plants then it may not be the best option for you (it is relatively in expensive at around $20 for the 50lber) long as you stay away from soils with time released nutrients (this is in part the prob with miracle gro soils) in them as well as recycled houseplant/garden soil (most of the good has been depleted -- its like being given an empty bottle of water and there's maybe a drop of two of water in it) you should be fine. ultimately the thing that makes FoxFarm kickass is that it aerates well, has guano, perlite, and worm castings. these are all items you can get and add to soil for cheaper then the cost of Fox Farm.
  8. IMHO, mixing your own gives you the BEST and CHEAPEST.
  9. What about Pro-mix BX with Mycorise pro? Maybe not quite nano-bots, but everything else you mentioned.
  10. Here's a simple and cheap mix that works great:

    4 parts 100% organic potting soil (very cheap at Home Depot etc)
    3 parts sphagnum moss
    2 parts worm castings (available at Wally World about $3.50)
    1 or more parts perlite
    1 or more parts clean sand

    Make sure none of these ingredients have added ferts -- and warning, Miracle Gro peat moss and perlite do have added ferts.

    I've called this mix "Faux Farm" before, because if you add a little bat guano and fish meal to this recipe you will have essentially re-created Fox Farm.
  11. There are probably as many different recipes for satisfactory soil mixes as there are growers mixing their own.
  12. Any of the recipes found here are good.
    Any organic mix found at a store is usually good as long as there are no time release nutes in it.They say organic but are they really? lol
    imho dry is good for seedlings. I use ocean and then switch to something that retains moisture more when U transplant or put out in the field. They will need it when it gets hot and dry.

    As usual peace to all. :)

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