Best Soil for Germinated Seeds?

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  1. Hypotheticly speaking, if I wanted to plant some germinated seeds in a cup to get them started what kind of soils should I use? Would Miricle grow work? Or should I dish out some extra cash for high quality soil?
  2. A lot of people have had great success with Miracle Grow, but a lot of people will recommend straight organic soil as not to mess with nute burn on new seeds.


  3. im in the same boat as u... i need some soil for now and then a week or 2 after sprout i plan on going wit fox farm ocean scared to use MG cuase people said it causes nutes burn..
  4. Fox Farms is great for your plants, but it too can be a little hot for seedlings. I would suggest something with no added nutes. That rules out MG and FF. I found some topsoil at my local convienence store that was like 2 bucks a bag and I haven't had any problems with my seedlings.
  5. Hypotheticly speaking, lets say I plan on vegging these plants under CFL's and then transplanting them outside for flowering. Would it be better for me to just go out back and dig up some nice top soil for the seedlings? To get them use to the soil they will be in later? Id be adding nutriets to the soil later on for the vegging and flowering process. All hypotheticly speaking of course...
  6. As a general rule, you should never grab soil, plants or otherwise into an indoor grow. The soil outside could contain mites or other bugs that could jeopardize your harvest before you even start.
  7. man i was thinkin about some dollar store seedling potting mix only for the first week or two after sprout... then get ffob.. someone tried to blast me then said i should get high quality.. we're talking about SEEDLING. seedling!!! come on man we're talking bout seedling lol..
  8. I agree with regular non-nuted soil for seedlings - dollar store would be fine.

    However, seedlings are most susceptible to nutrient burns, so it's great to ask these questions and find out what you need to do. :)
  9. Thanks for the information guys! Its truly hypotheticly appreciated...
  10. Planting seeds straight in FFOF would not be a good way to start?
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    There are some on here that I have read that have had no problems starting their seedlings in straight FFOF. However, I cut mine with Sunshine 8. 60/40 FFOF/Sunshine. And then transplant into a 5 gal pot with 100% FFOF. After I use up my FFOF I may give Roots Organics a try. Heard alot of good things about that soil too.
  12. It's definitely not the worst way to start. FFOF comes Ph balanced right out of the bag and I believe it has beneficial micro organisms that are good to have from the beginning, but you might get nute burn on your seedlings. It's a chance you take with all ferted soils, but as long as you Ph your water, you should be alright.

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