Best soil and nutes at Home Depot??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cdhfootball_21, May 17, 2010.

  1. What are the best soil and nutes to use for an outdoor 5 gallon grow bag grow? I need nutes for veg and flower.
  2. I used Earth Gro Brand soil for my first real grow. I use 1 pt peat 1 pt earthgro topsoil 1 pt earthgro steer poo. Dont use this mix though because it needs to be a little more acidic I will be using more peat and let steer poo next time. Im about to go organic and already got blood meal and bone meal from home depot, so I will be watching this thread.
  3. Earth Grow potting soil and Alaska Fish Fertilizer. May need to ph soil with lime, or peat moss.
  4. I would watch useing blood,fish, Or anything that could b a food.I used some epsoma ferts and water crystals a few years back in the bottom of my holes.And this shit was animal lure .I had a bear pull out 4-5 plants that where 4-5 foot tall. just to get to this shit .It wasn't a isolated incident it happened everywhere i used this mixture.
  5. What is good for outdoor grows? How well does osmocote work? I would like something that wont bring the bears.
  6. Good question, I would like to know the details of a quality outdoor grow.
  7. :confused:
    :rolleyes:don't use osmo or any time release ferts.why only home depot?humbolt hydroponics &west coast growers (grass valley store) will ship nutes.tell them about bear problem they'll know which nutes u need 2 get.

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