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Best Smoking Techniques?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JSand420, May 28, 2013.

  1. I like smoking a few joints than a hit or two from the bong. PLease tell me your techniques and prefrences :bongin:

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  2. I like packin the bong full smoking it. waiting an hour then doin it again
  3. I usually smoke a bowl or two the a kief topped snap for good measure :blink:

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  4. Glass all day long, but will roll the occasional J to feel like a real stoner haha.
  5. I start off with a since vapor then do snaps with my bong every 30-60 mins
  6. Wash out my bubbler, grind up the weed nicely, pack it perfectly, pick a nice music station, smoke, and ZONE OUT :D
  7. Bongs and bubblers. Although I have been hitting the gravity bong a lot lately. 
  8. Gravity Bongs  :hello:  Also 420th post  :metal:
  9. I usually just smoke a bowl or 2.  Nothing really special but whenever I am out with my friends we will smoke a joint while we are out and about and when we get back home we smoke a bowl.
  10. I grind a small amount up in my Sharpstone (worth every penny!)
    I exclusively use my chillum. (It's about 2-3 good sized hits)
    I corner it, and slowly inhale (almost sipping as one would do with the MFLB)
    this keeps the smoke nice and cool and saves me from blasting through bowl after bowl.
    Usually smoke 2-3 bowls depending on how I am feeling.
    I almost always smoke by myself because it honestly seems like people kill my vibe...
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    I've been enjoying some awesome solar hits lately :) You just need a dollar store magnifying glass, although the thicker and greater the magnification, the better, and a decently sunny afternoon :D
     This (well, yesterday :p ) afternoon.....
    Edit - Sunglasses are a good idea, I'd suggest not taking solar hits without them really... it's more comfortable during a longer sesh, but more importantly you can temporarily (or worse!) damage your eyes if you stare directly at a solar hot-spot through too many bowls. :)
  12. 1. Grind weed.
    2. Pack ground weed into bowl.
    3. Insert said bowl into bong
    4. Light bowl
    6. Clear.
    7. ?????
    8. PROFIT
  13. Milk the bong until I feel like I'm going to die, attempt to clear it, probably fail, leaving some smoke in said bong. Try not to cough until after the exhale, probably cough halfway through and continue coughing while trying to clear the last wisps out of the bong.

    Repeat until you have the "Holy tits, I'm baked." Moment.
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  14. I do it all. But i prefer an ice bong.
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  16. crumble up the charas on top of your bowl and then in and out into a large balloon.  this is the ecstacy you've been seeking.
  17. I vape . I hate bongs . If for some reason I can't vape, I smoke joints. I hate pipes too. I use pipes and bongs when necessary, but actually a few weeks can go by where I am doing nothing other than vaping. I guess I don't belong in this thread :eek:
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  18. I take an amount somewhere between .1g - .2g  and pack it into my glass pipes bowl. If I remember, I put kief on top. 
  19. Use to spark a joint then vape sesh it. Bought a good bong a while ago so I have mostly just been using that. Usually topped off with a scoop of crystal(kief).
  20. Yeah I'm the same way. I've been vaping for about two months, but now I'm back home for the summer (lived in dorms) and I don't wanna charge my magic flight batteries in front of my prying parents. So instead I will just roll one up :)

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