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  1. Alright fellow tokers:hello: I'm new to this amazing site but have Been smoking on the wonderful ganja for a wile now and would like to hear some of your stories of the best smoking sessions you have had with friends/ alone.

    My best session was the other week when me and 2 m8s went to my hookup and picked up a half o of White Russian. After we picked up this gringo we procced to drive way out into the country and roll a 2gram blunt and a few joints. So after they were rolled we eached sparked up a full grass joint each. After this joint I was feelin quite a nice high then we proceded to smoke the blunt which took us an hour to smoke:eek: it was the nicest blunt I have ever smoked and left me n my mates in some shape. All we could do is talk shut and laugh at each other.

    After 2hours of driving around the beautiful countryside smoking blunts joints and smoking a few bowls from my toke a cola bong we were compltly ripped:smoking: so we decided to hit kfc to satisfy our munchies. We each got a bargain bucket to ourselves and a liter bottle of coke each. I have to say it was just such a nice chilled out day way my m8s and were going to repeat it tommorrow. Ehsrs your stories?
  2. its crazy how long blunts last man
    i toked one with my friend and it was buring for like 40 minutes and we were toking the hell out of it.
  3. Yeah they can last hella long
  4. sounds pretty cool, man.

  5. I've had tons of great smoking sessions when I first started, but a real fun one was when my brother and his friend just got back from their annual Atlantic City trip. They bought a gas mask bong and my first bowl called The Thinking Machine.

    We popped both their cherries on that night with my brother Adam, his friend AJ, his other friend Mike, my mom, and me. I also watched American Psycho for the first time. :D

    Here's a few quotes:

    "It is safe to say...I'm baked!" -AJ

    "Aw! I swear I saw a spark when we high-fived!" -Adam

    I was having trouble at first with the gas mask bong with getting it on and off and I couldn't get it off and everybody was already stoned and watching tv. I was yelling for help, but nobody heard me. Finally they noticed and we're all laughing and my brother says, "And I was thinking, 'Yes! She's finally gonna drown!'"

    Adam was fucking around with our dog:
    "Yes! I got you bitch! I got you now bitch!" -Adam
    "Did he say the bitch of Gotham?" -Mom
    "Adam looks like a fucking Nazi!...A drunken Nazi!" -Mike

    Just thought I'd share how my bowl got it's name. It was a week after I got it and me, my friend Cati, and Adam were smoking with it.
    "It's so cool with the smoke in it." -Adam
    "It looks like a lightbulb." -Me
    "It makes you think things." -Cati
    Hence, the name The Thinking Machine :smoking:
  6. god i love all of these, personal favorites are advice dog and angry wolverine
  7. OLD.

    My best ever session was when I smoked a blunt for my 18th birthday with my brother. Fuckin thing burned forever. Then we had some bomb ass chocolate cake my mom made for me. :hello:

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