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  1. Hey i'm setting up in a small closet 25"x35"x7' looking to get the best yield thinking about sog, what would you do?
  2. if i was you...i would get a 400w light system with mh bulb and hps. you could put two plants no problem...just once they are about 1-2months old with plenty of branches...cut off the very bottom two and cut 2 inches off every branch EXCEPT FOR THE TIP! this will allow for your plant to not become stout but rather tall. using a 400w mh to veg with allow for plenty of light and will promote very strong healthy plants. when you switch to flowering hps bulb will promote the hormones to start budding perfectly along with the 12hr12hr light cycle. good luck and remember its always a good idea to staple plastic wrap to all the walls and nail it into the floor. easy to clean up the mess when done and keeps bugs out. in a closet spider mites will be your enemy.
    so in all
    400w light.
    2 plants. soil will be fine.
    plastic wrap walls.
    trim bottom two branches off.
    trim every branch back an inch or 2 as well as any yellow leaves.
  3. scratch that im lit. haha grow one fatty. same everything else.
  4. OH SHIT and for trimming. just take a little off the tips of the branches! promote taller plant. if you want to get rid of the bottom branches it will only get taller so why not?
  5. Get yourself some large-size plastic kitty litter bins to use as pots and you could easily get 4 plants, maybe 6 in that space (but tight). Kitty litter bins are good because they hold about 5 gallons and are relatively tall and narrow, so you can get a lot of root volume within a smaller light footprint. Their rectangular shape means no wasted space in between like with circular pots. Use LST. And yes, and air-cooled 400w MH/HPS would be perfect.
  6. or build a shelf and grow two sets of 3 foot tall babies
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys it helped a lot
  8. I'd do a Scrog.

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