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    Well three of my friends and i smoked a few grams together. After smoking we decided to go get some food. We were downtown, and decided to go into one of the many pizza places there. We each got a calzone. All of a sudden the manager asks us if we want a free large whole pizza with pepperoni. He told us they can't serve it since they overcooked it. We ate our calzones and pizzas in a matter of minutes. There was only three of us also, and i think that the manager knew we were high.
  2. That's pretty sick braaaaaahhhhhhhhh, nothing beats unexpected free pizza
  3. nice i like goin to pizza place late they usually give me the pizza they are about to throw out....
  4. DUDE! I'ma share a well-known secret to my friendly food lovers, if you have a Dunkin Donuts around, at the end of the day they have to throw out all the donuts they made that day, so if you go around closing time, buy a couple and eat em there then ask like "yo you think i could have a couple more for the road" if the guys not a dick he'll be like "hell yeah BRAAAAAH" and you'll be all munchin and shit it's great. it's GREAT!
  5. something similar happened to me when i was totally stoned
    halloween 2008 me and 3 of my friends went past a dunkin donuts
    when an employee comes out "hey u guys want some donuts?"
    unexpected free donuts......
    so we ate donuts
    then we walked to a pizza store
    and i didnt have any money but a dude GAVE ME FUCKING MONEY!
    so i ate pizza
    but while i was eating pizza a fucking off duty cop we know from D.A.R.E coems into the shop
    "O' Fuck everyone act cool"
    we were all totally stoned and read eyed but we got away with it
    then we went trick or treating
    so i ate candy

    good night.

  6. do it all the time!!!!!!
    i haven't been to my local dunkin donuts sober in like 6 months

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