Best Sativa Strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ahione33, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. im in cali and looking to get the most energetic sativa, the one that messes u up the most.....

    any suggestions?
  2. Well i recommend sour diesel, but this is in the wrong section, post this in apprentice tokers if you want more answers. :)
  3. Purple Haze, Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herrer, Durban Poison, Cinderella 99, Deathstar
  4. ^ exactly those strains jack herer is really energetic.
  5. I would suggest that if you have a question about toking, to place it in the smoking section. You will get a lot more knowledgeable results.

    In my personal opinion, there really is no best. Everyone has their preference, and Cannabis has so many tastes and effects, it is difficult to place them all together. Imagine trying to say what fruit is the best? It is similar to that.

    But I am interested, What is Jack Herer similar to? I dont think I have heard of it before.
  6. TGA Subcool has a couple of nice mostly sativas. Like their RomulanXC99.
  7. Jack Herrer & Super Lemon Haze ;)
  8. Dr. Grinspoon
  9. Not tried many Sativa's but this was amazing :) tried some in the coffee shop as I didn't fancy the long flowering times.

    Best sativa stuff I have tried was some diesel regs from Rez but Dr Grinspoon cost less and is femmed :smoke:

    If you don't mind growing regs then Mandala and Sannies also do some great strains.
  10. Super Silver Haze bro that is some FIRE!
  11. SSH & SLH are amazing strains. :D
  12. Try some African land race sativas like Malawi Gold. Very psychadelic!
  13. SOUR DIESEL :smoking:!!!
  14. My thoughts exactly....Love the C99. Super Lemon Haze. Jack Herer. and Of course Sour D.
  15. I just came from a trip out in cali and did the whole medical scene for 2 weeks

    My fav sativias were: Skywalker , durban poison, white widow thoes were the best 3 that kept me up doing shit all day!

    enjoy the medical buds theres nothing better unless you live up in Mendocino County the tree up their is incredible!

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