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Best sativa strain for motivation and being active.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheHappyHerbMan, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hi guys I have tried many different strains but I am having trouble finding one that really wakes you up and gets you motivated, not put you to sleep. Best I've found is Super Lemon Haze. I was thinking some green crack or blue dream. I was wondering if you you guys knew any particular strains with these characteristics.

    Also correct me if I am wrong but this would be a heavy sativa with low THC and CBD with high CBN.

    I would also like to know what is high or low CDN or CBD as a percentage.
    Thanks guys
  2. If you want energetic, uplifting I would suggest Silver Haze, Green Crack, Chocolope, Jack Herer.  You are on the right track though with the Super lemon haze.  Blue dream is great but its more mellow and spacey rather than super energetic.  The energetic strains tend to be high in THC.  I dont know about CDN but most sativas I see are fairly low in CBD around 0-3%. 
  3. that would be a sativa with high THC/THCV and low CBD...anything with haze really like moby dick, silver haze, nl x haze, blue dream, ect
  4. Ok thanks guys so I'm looking for high THC and low CBD. Does anyone know what sort of CBN levels? I need to have a look and see what effects CBN and CBD have on you.
  5. CBN comes from aged cannabis. it is the process where thc breaks down from time/oxidation and coverts to CBN. It can also be in strains that are grown to full maturity and cured out well. CBN is sleepy time cannabis.
    you can get the high thc effects your looking for by picking the cannabis early and not letting it mature fully but it is bestter to grow a sativa strain and to let it mature out. even some indica plants have sativa phenotypes.
  6. Cali Mist is a 90% sativa strain that is energizing. People say it gets you high, not stoned. It is a classic sativa with no burn-out effect at all!
  7. Super Skunk and Sour Diesel are both energizing and promote activity. 
  8. Golden goat
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  9. Lemon Haze has a strong lemon taste. It is a suitable sativa for stimulating the appetite, relieving depression, alleviating migraines and nausea. Lemon Haze is suitable for day time medication.
  10. Blue dream or green crack are both great choices!!!

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  11. Grown Kali Mist many years its a great uppity high and keeps u moving great daytime smoke.
  12. My current list of Sativa go to's: Grapefruit Haze, Durbin Poison, Malawi, Kali Mist, Lamb's breath, Green Crack Extreme, Martian Mean Green, Arjan's Strawberry Haze, Island Sweet Skunk. The characteristics I look for are creative/energetic followed by happy/up/focused.....for me, I want the euphoric/dizzy/stoned feeling to be very low. These are day time, high function strains.
    I'll go for something like lemon skunk, lemon haze, Purple Haze, or Sweet Island skunk for late afternoon and then a nice Indica, like UW Purple or Tahoe OG  for evenings and sleep. Most of my med goes into cannacaps with some bud left out to vape or smoke.
    Green Crack is very short lived. It's one of the few Sativa's I didn't care for. Almost runs too hot. Up/down. Boom. It needs something in it to slow it up and smooth it out a bit. Green Crack Extreme does that. Blue dream is a nice afternoon strain. Not a wake and boogie but a decent, mellow strain.
     It's taken me over a year and nearly 100 strains to get my list together. I still find new ones on occasion but my criteria is much, much tighter. I use Leafly primarily to investigate a strain and then cross check on another site, like
    Pick your strains with care and pay attention to their make up. You can tweak their effects, some, if you process into edibles, via heat cycles. But it's much better to get the right strain first.
    good luck,
  13. Vaping any decent weed (not necessarily pure sativa) would most probably give you the sort of high you're looking for... 
  14. Not really feelin' Super Silver Haze and this is my second time trying it. Sour D is good but just know it will stink up your place if smell is a concern. I'd say Maui Waui, Durban Poison, Cindy 99 or Green Crack. :smoke:
  15. I'm smoking Pineapple Haze right now from a local dispensary here in Santa Ana. I did the dishes and re-arranged my living room so it looks better. That should tell you what a good energizer that strain is.
  16. jack herer's your man
  17. From what I've read; Cinderella 99 (can't wait to try it myself)
    From what I've actually tried; S.A.G.E & HiJack 
  18. Gonna echo what others have said - Sour Diesel is my #1 go to active weed, with S.A.G.E. coming in at second. Cinderella 99 is good too. Love to get some Sour D in my system and go snowboard or hike, it's great. 
  19. I heard durbon poison is good for stuff like that. But if you have to get shit done, do it before u burn

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