Best rolling machine

Discussion in 'General' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Any suggestions? They have tiny zig zag ones and big 70mm ones with metal compartments and shit on Somethin easy that doesnt take too long, preferabely on Amazon
  2. I roll my own J's. They come out better than most machine rolls. :cool:
  3. Most rolling machines that are made by known brands (zig-zag, RAW, etc.) can't really go wrong.

    I actually bought this one off of Amazon, and it works very well.

    As for size, I suggest just getting an average size. Every roller isn't going to fit every paper, but it's a lot easier getting a smaller size than the king one, because most papers aren't king size. What I did was when I ordered the roller, I also got a bunch of RAW papers that were the same size as the roller.

    Other than size though, it's just personal preference. Get a roller made by a company whose papers you like/smoke a lot.

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