Best Raps That Tell A Story

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  1. I've got a lot, but here we go.

    Big L - Casualties of a Dice Game
    Big L's story about playing a dice game, winning, getting betrayed by a friend, shooting the guys from the dice game, then shooting the cops, then walking to a park and throwing the profit he made off the dice game into the air. Then he dies.

    The Notorious BIG - *****z Bleed
    basically about a drug deal gone wrong, but great beat, flow, and lyrics

    2pac - Brendas got a Baby
    about a girl who gets pregnant underage and becomes a hoe to support her kid, then she get's killed, very deep song

    Big L - The Heist
    some of Big L's best, he finds out his wife is cheating on him, he picks up his friends, and runs into the hotel room, robbing the guys of all thier money, then shooting them

    DMX - Damien
    crazy good song, lyrics aren't totally outstanding but a good message, about the devil tricking DMX into selling his soul

    Eminem - My Fault
    very funny song about Eminem giving a girl mushrooms and her overdosing, but it's funny as fuck!

    Warren G and Nate Dogg - Regulate
    if you don't know this song yet, you don't know hip hop
  2. I got a story to tell biggie smalls
  3. dance with the devil- Immortal technique
  4. the whole A Long Hot Summer album by Masta Ace. It's one 22 tracks long story about the summer life in the city, making music, trying to get some bucks to live off, having a good time, messing with the ladies. i totally love that record.

  5. Chino XL - Its All Bad, Skin, Ghetto Vampire
    Definately: Ras Kass - The Evil That Men Do(its a true story), JMT - Uncommon Valor(RA the Rugged Mans verse is true), Sticky Fingaz - State VS Kirk Jones, and Vakill - Fallen

    And don't know if these count, but Ras Kass - Nature of the Threat and Interview With A Vampire, Canibus - AIDS,
  6. ohhhhhh shit! How could I forget, that song is deep

    when the devil asks you to dance, you better say never, cause a dance with the devil, could last you forever
  7. Last Breath of an MC- Andre Nickatina
    Solid metaphors throughout this one
  8. This.

    And also a lot of tracks off of Eminem's Slim Shady LP.
  9. people under the stairs-july 3rd.
  10. Brotha Lynch Hung- Liquor Sicc
  11. slick rickkk bedtime story. one of the classics
  12. Eminem's song about Haley and Kim! forgot what it was called!! I like all his shit cause most tell a story!
  13. Stan by emimen, love it

  14. Fuck, you have no idea how mad I am that you said this before me :p

    This song is amazing
  15. yep love dat shit! im glad he's finally back!!
  16. signed
  17. Andre Nickatina- Train With No Love
  18. no regrets - aesop rock
    something you should know - mac dre
    morals and standards - mac dre
    she neva seen - mac dre
    dance with the devil - immortal technique
  19. Eazy E - Boyz n Da hood
  20. *****z bleed is awesome, along with dance with the devil.

    I also really like rewind by nas

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