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BEST places to stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KieFactorial, May 18, 2010.

  1. Where do you guys like to stash your green?

    Personally, my parents do not know i toke, and would be very upset if they found out.. religion and whatnot.

    I'm not talking about just any place to stash. i know about secret compartments that look like bottles of aspirin, etc. I'm talking about diabolically clever places to hide.

    Wasn't too long ago i came across these shoes.. they are called Roos.


    Each shoe has a small pocket on the side. In the right shoe i like to place a little sack with a nice medium bud in it, so i always have some with me for social purposes. In the other shoe, i put a one hitter just in case, then just have a lighter in my pocket.

    Recently, my mom ALMOST caught me, because i left my shoes by the door right after i smoked... she said it smelled like cigarettes while LITERALLY standing ON TOP of my shoes.

    So i guess lesson learned... Put the one hitter in a baggie, too!

    Does anyone else have a place they really like to put some weed? I need more ideas!
  2. On a tray,next to my bed with my pipe and lighter next to it.

    Almost never have it in my car. If i do underneath window controls by the center console.

    In a backpack when walking a long ways or in my pocket.
  3. okay.. but what if your shoes get stolen...

    i dont really hide it i dnt live with my parents tho.
  4. Ha! Well that wouldn't work so well for my mom, would it? :)
  5. behind the vent in the bathroom, gaming systems like xbox,ps2 etc.. Also things like my clock or docking station for my ipod and btw those shoes are ugly kid lol
  6. A backpack might work,especially a gym bag or something like one. Could always say you were just working out or going to go workout while weed was in it.
  7. Good ideas!

    Lol you can get them in other colors. the ones i have arent that shiny, either. They are a nice mesh version. They are great running shoes, imo.

    And im 21 just home from college for the summer. Not a kid. :p
  8. This is where i hide my stuffs.

    Its a lil kid but... Hey, the spot works :smoke:
    [ame=]YouTube - Where to hide your weed - HIding place 1 - PS2[/ame]
  9. I hide my bud , rolls, doses, and whatever else I want to hide in my ps2.


    Such a good spot to hide shit in
  10. i used 2 keep my dubs and wat not in the power outlets of my room, i used to be able to fit up to 4 dubs in that bitch...

    now i buy O's and jus throw em on my desk
  11. in the pillow part of my armchair, you zip it open and then there is this foam shit, i dug a hole in the foam and can easily fit my spoon, about a quarter and a lighter.
  12. I found the greatest hiding spot in my room when I came back home from college for the summer.

    I have this lava lamp without a lightbulb in it, and you can remove the lava/glass part, leaving only the hollow base behind. I put my bud and little spoon in there.
  13. Me likey! Keep em coming!
  14. my bad, i refer to alot of people as kid didnt mean it as you assumed, :D

  15. Yes, they do. I can tell. The Roos writing is where the velcro is. you would pull that towards you. Its a pretty tight pocket. About the length of my one hitter and tight like one of those change pockets in jeans that eat my quarters all the time.

    AKA, the size of the patch with the kangaroo picture on it.
  16. i put my weed, in a bag, in a bag, in a bag, in a small jar, in a medium jar, in a large jar, in another bag, sealed with wax, thrown into a safe with a 45 digit combo and a 2 key unlock requirement, then i toss it into this remote spot i know in the ocean, and when i wanna puff, i bust out my super scuba gear.... Or i just keep BAG DUN DUN DUUUUUUN
  17. LOL. Maybe i AM too paranoid. :smoke:
  18. hahaha na man, im a med patient, i could carry around a 2 oz nug in my hands and no one can tell me not too. But yea...i have a jar from my dispensary the reaaaaally dank goes in, and i just dont bother taking the other shit outta the handy bags it comes in already

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