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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mnt_grrrl, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I am a disabled mmj patient in the Pacific North West and am looking to put together a cheap grow tent setup. Since I do not drive the two somewhat near by used grow equipment stores are not accessible.

    So I am looking for suggestions on place that I can buy used equipment from. I would prefer they put together a kit for me but I can be the parts separately if need be.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
    Mountain Grrrl
  2. Why not look on Amazon and order new cheaper equipment what's your budget

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  3. I have had no problems off eBay.
  4. Could anyone suggest a specific list of things for this grow the whole ebay/amazon things is a bit overwhelming.

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Yup. Budget? Tent dimensions? Type of light? The more info you can give the easier it will be.
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  6. Well mate,

    There are a lot of factors as to what you need..

    Do you have a dark space to grow? A cupboard or a grow tent?

    How many plants do you want to grow?

    Do you need equipment for the smell so people won't smell it?

    For example i am growing 3 plants eventually and for this I have..

    1 - 4x4 tent
    1- mars pro 320 LED grow light.
    1- exhaust fan with carbon filter.
    4 x nutrants
    2 x desk fans
    3 x pots.

    All of this cost me about $1700
  7. 4x4 tent
    Carbon filter w/inline fan+speed controller
    400w dimmable HID with HPS and MH bulb

    Cost me about $350-375. ;)
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  8. right. I have room for a 4x5 which would leave me some room for mothers etc. I could go with a 4x4 though.
    I am thinking mps but open
    Under $500
    Thank you
  9. Can definitely work with that budget.
    -Apollo 4x4 grow tent (keep in mind ceiling height) -$120 or so?
    -Powermaxx inline fan/carbon filter/ducting/clamps combo (this fan is extremely quiet and the filter works perfectly). $120 or so?
    Not sure if it's sold out again or not.
    -pH meter, TDS meter- $10 each or so. Some can do both but they cost..double.. (brand doesn't matter much honestly, just pick one with good reviews.
  10. So that's $250 or so I'm guessing (didn't look it up recently)

    For nutes, I use Fox farm. Tiger bloom, grow big, and big bloom. I would also get a bottle of cal/mag.

    If you're soil growing:
    I use Fox farm soil. Happy frog and ocean forest are both great. You should also get a bag of perlite. I'd order some smart pots (assuming that you don't want to transplant).

    Then whatever you have left is your budget for the lighting.

    Almost all of this is on Amazon btw. So you can order pretty much everything at once.
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  11. In other words I got ripped off lol
  12. You can get a decent LED light for under$200 off Amazon... Galaxy hydro or a few others...[​IMG]

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  13. Seems to be alot more expensive to get shit in uk, with a lot less to choose from. That's what I've found anyway. But Yh 1700 is high, you go with gorrila grow tent or something?
  14. Hey bro - yeah in Australia even More expensive than the UK it seems And I got a brand called homebox it's all white inside, prett dam sexy tent but cost me like 280 pound.
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  15. yeah that explains why it cost so much dude.

    my whole beginning set up was about $500.
    I have 2 4x4x6.5' tents in a basement room
    2 4 bulb t5ho fixtures
    1 600watt morsen COB led
    exhaust/carbon filter combo

    For soil I used fox farms ocean forest. For nutes, all I use is Biothrive "bloom" and some cal mag. Thats all the plant NEEDS. You can add more, but I'm skeptical on what the actual benefits are. I have since changed my soil to Black Magic (available at home depot) because the guy who runs the local grow shop here is an asshole so I decided to stop supporting him lol. Also just upgraded my flowering tents lights to a 1000watt HPS setup. Because, once you have a few grows under your belt, you always want MOAR LIGHT!!! (won't have that issue any more with a 1000watt hps though haha)

    But, overall, do some research. learn about what you are about to do. I'm also disabled, have major back issues. So servicing the plants is difficult for me, especially when they are flowering. My veg tent I have a short table so I don't have to crawl around on the ground, can't do that in the flower tent though. So your setup should be designed around your specific needs/mobility.
    Also, always recommend finding a few grow journals that are similar to what you want to do and follow them, ask questions, ect.
    Good luck!!!
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