Best place to go high

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by nypothead, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Greenhouse during heavy rain is a real good one.
  2. Get high af and watch bad grandpa 😂

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  3. I did that and I almost literally laughed my ass off. I felt like I was laughing way too loud and everyone knew I was high though
  4. Snowboarding hands down... Or out riding your harley.
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    Step 1: Smoke trees
    Step 2: Jump into deep end of pool
    Step 3: Slowly exhale
    Step 4: Win
    Feels like you're in space and damn fun with goggles on too!
  6. Forest/woods for sure.
  7. Anywhere with a nice view. While sitting on a conveniently placed boulder or branch 👌

    On Wednesdays we wear pink.
  8. I like to chill outside during the winter. Spring i would rather be fishing in a lake, summer i like to get high at a bar or bout. Fall, i dunno i kinda like to just get high alone and think. 
  9. my dealers patio when its raining. nothing scenic really, we just BS and smoke blunts.
  10. Snowboarding especially at mt Charleston in Nevada **something about that place**

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  11. This would be amazing.
  12. I'd love to get high in my bedroom that would be relaxing but I gotta sit in the shed :L

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  13. Alone; i like to get really baked and drive around at night listening to trippy chill tunes.

    Friends; weve got a nice sized state forest/park about an hour away. Blaze all the way there, then blaze some mo' on a big ass rock.
  14. My golf cart at the start of the first hole, closely followed by my golf cart after the 9th

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  15. Sit in the car and listen to some heavy bass music
  16. Getting baked then going hiking.... Damn.

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  17. To one of those farms where they slaughter animals to produce our meat. "Ever seen a pig killed, throat and gut slit open, blood/guts/urine/shit spilling out onto the floor on weeeeeeddddddddd(John Stewart voice)?" Bring the kids.

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  18. Ah I love smoking in the's cause I have a huge 24 acres lol ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1384896205.135673.jpg

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  19. My Basement

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