Best place to buy seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by highschoolsenior82, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. A rec shop by me has some seeds, 6-8 for $128 is that a good price? They have others 6 for $88? Comparable to international prices (S/H)?
  2. Ah okay that's good. I thought you were saying your latest seeds had failed in some way. Good to know they havent
  3. Same here- ever bean has gone straight to soil- no germinatonand came up in 3-4 days tops- just mist medium daily so it stays moist or,else it prib won't pop
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  4. Really depends on how good their genitics are and what strains they have, are they are reg or fem? I would walk away if they are "mystery gear" I am not against paying for quality gen/seeds from a proven supplier though..,
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  5. This is the description listed on the menu/webpage on Leafly, not much, but....
    Genetics - ChemDawg #4 x Gupta Kush Sat/Ind% - 50/50 THC - 26% Flower Time - 8 to 9 Weeks Yield - Good Aroma - Lemon-Pine, Fuel Experience - Inspiring, Fun Description - High Potency, Incredible Flavor
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  6. Wasn’t me
  7. I use Ali Bongo and Attitude. Both are out of the UK and Ali Bongo has quicker shipping for me. They both give out free beans with your order, with Attitude having the edge win over more free beans that are offered. Lineage Genetics out of spain is good, they have quality genetics but dont advertise free beans but they they do send about 3 extra beans with your order every time, and they do have specials.
  8. Attitude or the vault are my favorite seed banks. Killer variety, good pricing, and a decent amount of freebies.
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  9. It depends on the breeder. International banks offer a wide variety of breeders, and a wide variety of pricing. I just placed an order from attitude for 9 auto flower seeds. The breeder was doing a promotion so I got three more free seeds. Then attitude gave me two freebies for a total of 14 seeds. The total cost for seeds and guaranteed shipping was $84.91. However, some higher end breeders charge that much per pack. Over all I like the variety much better ordering international, and the price is usually just as good as or better than buying local. I also think that many local breeders are just chucking pollen from one male on a variety of females in the hopes that something works with little consideration. That is why everything they sell is crosses instead of uniquely bred strains.
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  10. As others have mentioned. Attitude is a great company. Never not eventually got my shit. Only had one caught outta dozens of times, and was resent ez pz.

    Plus they throw in swag freebies on promos as well as the seed freebies.

    They are not the only game in town tho. But over 10 years never did me wrong.

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