Best place to buy a incredibowl m420 Sherlock?

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  1. Hey, does anyone have a recommendation for the best place to buy a Sherlock and quick draw for the m420? I've noticed a few different sites but I've heard there's different builds of this product (some homemade) so I wanted to ask the pros. They all seem to be going for $60 more or less... Here's some ones that I found:

    Incredibowl m420 Sherlock Pipe - Parts and Accessories -

    m420 Sherlock
  2. The second link you posted will most likely send you the newest version of the sherlock attachment. The one seen in here.
    Other sites may still be selling the older sherlock attachment which doesn't seem to be THAT much different. It just doesn't have the logo and seems to be a bit smaller from what I've noticed, but don't quote me on that.
  3. IMO the incredibowl is a gimmick, you'd be better off with a solid glass spoon from etsy or artfire.

  4. Is the one on the second link an official incredibowl industries extension? I thought each site made their own version, from the pictures it looked like there were size differences...
  5. the second is where i got mine
  6. Have to say, I've had my m420 for about a year and had no idea about the Sherlock. Definitely on my short list to buy.
  7. I just bought mine for $47 on with free shipping and a free wooden grinder...
  8. [quote name='"pliers"']IMO the incredibowl is a gimmick, you'd be better off with a solid glass spoon from etsy or artfire.[/quote]

    Glass breaks homie..
  9. [quote name='"BakedLays"']

    Glass breaks homie..[/quote]

    Just letting you know, I've owned both incredibowls.... The m420 is 100x less sturdy than the larger version. Not even in the same ballpark...

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