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Discussion in 'General' started by lewissn, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. So i'm planning on staying in America for 3 months on a holiday visa. But i cant make a decision on where in America i want to stay. I was thinking California, but i'm not sure yet.
    Things i'm looking for:
    -Lots of the outdoors like forests, mountains lakes but also somewhere close to a beach.
    -A safe neighbourhood.
    -Preferably somewhere where weed is legal.
    -And basically just cool stuff to do..
    Any suggestion would be helpful.

  2. San Diego, California is an amazingly awesome city. Weed everywhere and nobody really gives a fuck. There are many activities and you will never be bored. Denver,Colorado is another weed friendly city and it is more nature oriented than San Diego. Its the perfect mix of city life and nature. there are beautiful mountains and many outdoor activities. its probably just as safe as San Diego, but cheaper to live at.
  3. Basically everything on that list applies to Seattle minus the 'cool stuff to do'
  4. Go to Crecent city california. They have everything you are looking for.
  5. Washington State. Land in Seattle and make a couple trips within the state. Leavenworth is beautiful if you want to enjoy the wildlife, rivers/lakes, etc. Also plenty of places along the Pacific Ocean that are peaceful and without astronomical prices. Marijuana is legal here, however it's still illegal to buy, transfer, etc. Also illegal to consume in public. About those though, as long as you're not suspicious as hell, you won't have a problem finding weed and if you're on the beach in the evening or at night, I doubt you receive one complaint for consuming so long as you're responsible. Any other questions, shoot me a message.
  6. Probably Camden or Detroit.

    Nah I kid I kid, I'd move to the outer banks in North Carolina if I could. 

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