Best perc?

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  1. Looking for a new bong with a perc. Not a fan of tree/arm percs. Looking into sovereignty or b.Wilson. cant really afford a toro. Are sovereignty's all that? How bout no name bongs? Any luck with them? Hear that a lot of percs are China glass in the no brand name pieces
  2. Thinking SG king stem line? Up grid or down
  3. I only buy china glass haha. Just be careful with your shit and it wont be an issue, Its not like cheap glass has more drag or something. I prefer a single honeycomb perc in 10-16in stemless bong, but I don't really smoke flowers so you may want to use a simple ash catcher if you do.
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    If you want function go china glass route, i recommend dh gate. I just got a little circ to circ mini rig for $36 that hits better than my friends toro circ to circ, i brought it to his house tonight to compare. It's just as thick, and stacks better, plus the mouth is much more comfy with a better angle to look at the nail.
    If you want looks and bragging rights go with something legit.
    Glass is glass, it breaks. I'd go the cheap route. My friends guessed it was a $200 piece, then went to 300 when i said no.
    And best perc is completely personal preference. I dab, what i like and what you like might be different. But my favorite perc type seems to be a shower-head. Shower-heads and inlines seem the best for oil.
    For flower if you can get your hands on a dave goldstien go for it. Can't beat a fritted disk. Next is a stereo matrix and then comes showerhead and honeycomb.
    I've honestly never tried or owned anything with a tree perc... now that i look back i don't know how thats true, but it is.

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