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  1. I have a small pc grow box in my closet and I'm to lazy and not interested in making any kinda carbon scrubber or anything. Assuming I have plenty of cash to spend what's the smallest, most efficient product I can go buy to eliminate all the odor.
  2. You can buy a small ozone generator and plug it into a wall outlet near the closet. Check one out called "Ozone jr. ozone generator".
  3. hot ass farts
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  4. I always smoke a lot of pot to cover up unwanted smells in my house..
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  5. Not good for grows but OZIUMs the shit. Also naga champ incense smell super good and cover up smell in general. It's hella ez to make a carbon filter tho don't be a lazy ass it take 10 minutes.

  6. hahahahaha
  7. buy a static deionizer. these things are the bomb! best air deodorizer i've ever used and wont effectthe plants growing nearby
  8. Screw all that...... Get an Ionizer made by RAINBOW air systems. Industrial quality, DIY price..........Good Grows to you......
  9. This is the model I have. It works AMAZING! Takes that stink ass skunk smell GONE in 30 seconds. AMAZING, it even has a warning not to be occupied in the same room!! Rainbowair Activator 250 Series II
  10. Popeye's chicken
  11. Ok so I think I'm going to buy one of those, I have 2 babies in my closet starting to flower, will this take away the smell?
  12. what will help o/d grows?
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    ONA blocks, one in the GH and a powerful skunk smells no more than a vegging sativa
  14. i am going with jr.ozone
  15. weeds check out the newaire thing up top..... just $20. thats cheaper than OJ
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    i looked up. where suppose to plug that thing:confused:
    what is DC outlet??? yes it ships to my country too!!
  17. have to get dc adapter to plug into wall. they are like $3 and can get them anywhere
  18. i think people might use them for cars weedss.
  19. maybe. looks too small to be put in the room isnt it?

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