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Best Nutrients from local stores like Lowes/Home Depot

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Diamonddss, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. What are some of the best nutrients that can be bought in local shops but not shops considered "grow shops". Also soil. Too expensive to have soil shipped so which products work best for indoor. Of couse its opinion but id be interested to see what some say. My state is not sa friendly state at all and "grow shops" are believed to be watched.
    Of course this is all hypothetical! As i only want fat tomatos but i fear being harassed for buying items that can be used for other purposes.
  2. I'll let you know on my next grow. I want to do a test run with the 'best' products I can find from Lowes. I'm curious myself, and I'm certain that within that massive garden department I can find very good products, especially now that the growing season is upon us.
  3. With soil I always use MG nutes and cut the dosage down by 1/4 and gradually increase during flowering, use green box for veg, bloom for bloom, both are available at even a dollar store for a few bucks. just use sparingly since it is super concentrated.
  4. lets hear some more input on this
  5. Good old paranoia, alive and well. I'm certain there is a massive team to investigate every 18 year old with a bloody sprout in his closet, growing under a cfl. I've been to a hundred grow shoppes and have never had a problem. But I also have 6 large flower gardens, and a huge vegetable garden every summer, I have every right to be there.
    I want to do a test grow because grow shoppes are pissing me off with their prices. $20 for a small bag of soil! Please! $75-100 in nutrients! I know a bit about plants, and I feel burned when I leave. There are many products out there that aren't produced by Scott's/Monsanto. I just want to find great products at a fair price. I know they're out there.

    Ps. I'm not discounting how great FF products are. I just think the prices are getting out of hand.
  6. well, i dont know about grow shops being safe or not. Ive read alot and there are certainly alot of cases where people were checked out and bust. But yes driving in a friends car for just a few items will go unnoticed but my state is a 25 plant and your fucked state that has nothing better to do. However, that not what this thread is about. This thread is about the best nutrients and soil from a home depot/lowes type store. I know some of you use stuff from them. There are plenty of threads on whether grow shops are safe.
  7. Any of the brand name fertilizers will work fine. I have used MG tomatos formula, Peter's, and Ortho nutes in the past, all with good results. As long as they are given in proper doses, any will do the trick.
  8. thanks
  9. I am all organic just out of the big box stores like this. Between Lowes, Home Depot, and Fred Meyer I have an organic mix of:

    1 2cu ft bag black gold organic potting soil
    1 1cu ft bag black gold organic compost mix
    1 1cu ft bag Chicken/Steer Manure
    4 quarts perlite
    1 cup blood meal
    1 cup bone meal
    1 cup alfalfa meal
    1 cup kelp meal
    1 cup bat guano
    2T Azomite
    2T dolomite lime
    2T garden sulfur
    4T Epsom salt

    I have found the Espoma brand has alot of good organic supplies like the lime, sulfur etc. I have seen on the products page of their website they also sell greensand and rock phosphate so Im going to keep an eye out for them over the summer.

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