best music while baked

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  1. ok this is my top ten best songs while high
    in no order

    stir it up-bob marley
    peace frogs-the doors
    pussy money weed-lil wayne
    sitar-ravi shankarr
    im so high-t pain
    viva la white girl remix-gym class heroes ft lil wayne
    hits from the bong-cypress hill
    weed song-bone thugs

    i wanna add to my high playlist so hit me up wit ur lists

  2. These 10 songs will change your life when you listen to them ripped.
    Have fun man.

    No Rain - Blind Mellon
    Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley
    Drive - Incubus
    All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
    Paper Planes - MIA
    Cicatrix ESP - The Mars Volta
    Us And Them - Pink Floyd
    Idoteque - Radiohead
    Schism - Tool
    Teenage Wasteland - The Who
  3. Im not really gonna name anything specific but when Im blown I like to listen to Damian Marley, Born Jamericans, The Game, Lil'Wayne, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G...Haha so you got the reggae, then the new school rap/hip hop, and then not really old school rap but 90s rap
  4. I'm a huge Dave Matthews Band fan NOT stoned but i like different stuff when i'm baked. Mainly slower reggae alt. stuff like donovan frankenreiter, ben harper, slightly stoopid, and even a good deal of rap (even though i can't stand it sober):smoking:
  5. Psychedelic Ambient, Psychedelic Trance..

    Infected Mushroom, Entheogenic.
  6. Radiohead (Thom Yorke too..), The Mars Volta, Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd, Patrick Watson, Muse, M83, Justice, Fleet Foxes, Boards of Canada, Bob Marley.

    Those are pretty much all the bands I listen to baked... Bands I listen to most often would probably be Radiohead, Justice, and The Mars Volta.. oh! and EPIC movie soundtracks (personal favorite is probably Lord of the Rings), makes u feel like ur in the movie:p.

    and some classical music...:)
  7. Every type of music is good when your high. My personal favorites are Sublime, Nirvana, Dimmu Borgir, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Suffocation, Necrophagist, Infected Mushroom, Annihilator, etc... One thing that is truly amazing when stoned though is listening to classical guitar peices. The most amazing form of music to bless the ears. :D
  8. pretty sick, i forgot all about that butterfly song its from so long ago!
  9. dude Schism did change my life while I was stoned, pretty much all Tool music does haha.
  10. Almost all music is amaing high but some of my faves are

    I feel like dying techno remix- DJ italian sensation
    Kashmir (live)- Led Zeppelin
    Method Man- Wu-Tang Clan (shit gets u pumped lol)
    Three LIttle Birds-Bob marley
    Kaya-Bob Marley
    Hits from the Bong- Cypress Hill
    Peace Frog-The Doors
    People are Strange-The Doors
    Smoke Some Weed- Ice Cube
    Anything from Jimi Hendrix
    Dumb it Down-Lupe Fiasco
    Put you on game-Lupe Fiasco
    Tical-Method man

    yeh those are just a few.
  11. mars volta, minus the bear (planet of ice is AMAZING high), the shins, circa survive

    and the song "assassin. assassins." by trophy scars

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