Best munchie ever

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  1. Peanut butter and Frosted Flakes sandwich....

    Can of peanut butter (your choice of crunchy or creamy)
    Box of Forsted Flakes
    Loaf of bread

    Take two pieces of bread and spread a think layer of peanut butter on one side of each slice. Grab a handfull of Frosted Flakes and sprinkle them onto one slice of bread. Put together your sandwich and munch down.

    MMMMMMM :smoke:
  2. why is this in fitness?
  3. Fitness, health, and nutrition
  4. There's almost nothing healthy or nutritionally sound about this, although it does sound tasty
  5. Um, peanut butter is good for you? Lol
    Ssoooo tasty.
  6. yeah but frosted flakes are just sugar and bleached flour no nutrition.
  7. Touché, man.
    Get some whole grain corn flakes and some whole grain bread.
    Hell, while you're at it, throw some D's on that blink.
  8. reese's puffs with hershey's chocolate syrup & choc. or reg. milk :smoke:
  9. replace the peanut butter with nutella. If you have never had nutella pick some up I promise it will be the greatest thing you have tasted especially if your a stoner!

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