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  1. So I went to see Annabelle the other night, and naturally my friend and I smoked before hand. We were the first ones in the theatre, and my friend's tolerance was low, and we had smoked train wreck, so she was feeling super happy. Well three groups walked in and sat in front of us.
    This started it, one guy was like "Damn, you guys look scared already!" And a guy from another group goes "Nah, they are just high bro!" And started laughing hysterically, an the other guy was like "Aren't we all though?" So all of us just started laughing. Then a guy down front spilled what I assume were skittles and we all were laughing out asses off dying.
    I love the sense of camaraderie that comes when you get high strangers together. Got any fun stoned movie going experiences?

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  2. Who is Bob? and why does he have bitch tits?
  3. Come on son, you've never seen fight club?
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    No stories besides laughing at funny movies high. But I can't go drunk to the movies or else I laugh uncontrollably at little things.
  5. Can't say I have. Not sure if I should. lol
  6. The best movie experience I ever had was getting one of my first actual blowjobs during the movie "The Italian Job" . It was great. 
  7. The first Star Wars movie, back in the '70s. I was just a kid in high school, and we went to Canada to see it, as it was released in Canada a week or so before it was even in the states. Scored some honey oil from a fine Canadian friend. Oh man, it was such a heavy trip. When that ship made the jump to light speed, the head rush was galactic. Came back to the states and told all my friends, "You have no idea what a blast you are in for." Man those were the days.
  8. got to party in a theater after hours once for a pre screening...out friend was the manager and she let us smoke and drink right in the theater it was pretty cool
  9. The Matrix opening day.
    Very surreal movie going experience and by far my favorite.
  10. The half hour opening scene of saving private ryan.
    Never heard a movie theatre so quiet.

    Prolly have to say most realistic thing I have seen on the big screen

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  11. Toy Story three 3d high as fuck. Was so damn awesome.

    Funny side Story. My buddy has an oldsmobile, burning on a back road before. He honks the horn and it got stuck. Legit for like three minutes straight it was honking haha

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  12. Cloverfield.

    I was the highest I've ever been. I ate 2 of these hash oil cookies n cream bars. I was soooooo lit once I got to the theatre, I couldn't stop laughing. Standing in line for snacks was such a trip.

    The camera angles of that movie just blew my mind. I thought it was revolutionary.

    I saw it again sober. Didn't like it :(

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  13. 4 friends, fresh batch of edibles, half ounce of Sour D, 12g of unmentionables (3g each, if you know what I mean), 4 footlong subs, 2 big bottles of Mountain Dew, infinite Doritos, cabin in the woods for 2 nights, LOTR marathon! Good way to celebrate graduation! We also watched 2001: A Space Odyssey which I highly recommend in like a dark room while you're really, really high like properly blasted out of your mind.
  14. I saw Annabelle stoned last night.... I screamed at the first jumpscare, and I got the worst voice-crack lol. I sounded like a little girl with mental issues

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  15. When the first hobbit came out it was also a half day at school. Me and my buddy James got tickets for a late show and smoked a quarter of some dank be fore we went. Got there and the place is packed. We were about 10 minutes in when we got the giggles. People were getting pissed. Like some one died and we just lost it. James looked at me and just said food. 30 mins later he comes back with 2 buckets of pop corn and a big ads coke. Ate like 5 seconds. There was a part towards the end where they were shit talkin Bilbo and James stands up and yells "why you no like biiiilllbooo??" In a Italian accent. That's when the usher kicked us out.
  16. The Dark Knight

    When the joker is holding that guy hostage on the news (the fake batman) and he says look at me and the audience is laughing..... Then he says LOOK AT ME and its dead silence... That was powerful stuff man

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  17. THE Usher kicked you out? He didnt want no love in the club?

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  18. I was so high and drunk and stuff that I cried during one scene of the movie Drive in the theatre.. Lol
  19. Saw annabelle with my gf on friday, we were literally the only people in the theater. Hadnt been to the movies for a while before then, their dead anymore
  20. Mine might have been when my sister and I watched the remake of Evil Dead. It was the first time we had both been scared of a movie in a long time, and even better when we got home and we counted down from five before getting out of the car, and running to the front door! haha

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