Best mixed drink?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blunt, Aug 6, 2011.

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    (with alcohol)

    Please enlighten me.
  2. If you're at McDonald's, you should really try mixing Sprite, Fanta, Hi-C, Dr. Pepper, Minute Maid

  3. With alcohol.*
  4. a good Mai Tai is nice

    Liquid C******

    I'll drink just about anything though

    Vodka mixed with crystal light and water is very cheap and alright too
  5. Yeah, Mai Tai was something I was considering. I just want something simple and sweet to sip on all next week.
  6. Liquid skijuice ^ :D
    is the stuff

    Rum & coke ftw
  7. Are you looking for classics or just something new to try?
  8. Long Island Ice Tea

  9. Doesn't make a difference to me as long as you like it. Usually I just drink beer but I wanted to treat myself to something tasty this vacation.
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    simple and sweet? screwdriver MOFUCKA

    also... crown and coke, bourbon and coke
  11. Redbull and vodka
  12. I always like a nice Rum and Sour.

    Jagerbombs are good too
  13. rum and coke FTW
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    Grow some balls, jack n coke er time
  15. Yeah Long Island iced tea is the shit. They put like 4 different kinds of liquor in.
  16. Hell yes
  17. Gin and Tonic
    Whiskey old fashioned sour
  18. Yeah, the long island ice tea looks pretty good, I might have to try that out. But for everyone who says rum and coke what do you mean by rum? I usually grab Captain Morgan Spiced 100 Proof but is Jack Daniel's better?
  19. The best drink ive had was these blended cherries that were everclear pineapple juice and 151 rum

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