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  1. First post here!

    My girlfriend, my friend, and I are new medical patients, and cant wait to try growing! We are looking to grow just for us 3. I have been reading for the past few weeks, and although we wont be growing till probably the new year, I wanted to try and get as much information as I could about which way we should go. Being in our first house, we still have family come over regularly, and sometimes the siblings can get nosy and start going through our stuff. We also have a 2 year old daughter that stays out of our room, but considering all this, stealth is an absolute must. We were thinking about a computer case micro grow (with the tall tower cases, not the regular ones), but we are not sure if we can get enough out of it. We were thinking about having 2 plants and SCROG with CFLs. But then again we are hoping to get about 2 ounces every 3 months (reading 8 ounces in 80 days right now). Could this be achieved? Or is there another way that is completely stealth that would work? I work on computers so an extra one would not cause anyone to think twice.

    Any help would be great, as I have been searching for weeks and havent really found any solid facts about how much a SCROG in PC will yield.

    And 1 more thing, i have been reading that from planting seed to smoking bud is anywhere from 3-6 months... Is there a more definitive answer? Thanks :)
  2. A PC grow is appropriate for an individual, student in a dorm or similar situation. To get a constantly revolving supply you really need to be cloning and have separate veg and flower stations. It's also unlikely that you will be able to SCRoG inside a PC case, at least not very effectively, you will certainly need to train,top and/or FIM the plants to keep them short and maximize bud sites, but I don't see such a small grow supplying the medical needs of three individuals. The recreational needs of one individual perhaps. Unless you have a closet or basement (or other approx 4x4 area)that can be secured/locked and partitioned into a veg and flower lighting setups I don't see your strategy working. Sounds like you are better off buying from a dispensary.

    In the mean time you could always buy some seeds, start a PC grow and see how it goes, maybe a couple PC stealth cases will work for you. Safety and security are obviously going to be top concerns, especially the electrical and fire safety. Personally, I wouldn't do it with a two year old running around. Your call.
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    Thanks for the reply. The reason we have elected to grow, is because in Maui there are no dispensaries... We can assign caregivers that can grow for us and such, but caregivers are just friends or family that you would assign to be allowed to grow for you. We were thinking that it would be safer to keep it just between us 3, that way we could keep it only in the house. Because I have had several friends that have been followed home and had their houses broken into. If we kept it only in the house and no one knew, it would potentially be safer for us. Would the size of a small 3 drawer dresser work better? And what would be a discreet way to lock it? Obviously I could put a lock pad on the side, but if anywhere were to see a lock pad it would instantly raise curiosity. Thanks :wave:

    I should also add that im not exactly sure why my friend has a card, but for my girlfriend its broken back, and for me, severe migraines and insomnia. So therefore us 2 will only really smoke a few hits at night, so im not sure how much we should be hoping for per yield.
  4. there are thousands of posts here to skim through to find a setup that'll work for your situation. i got all my information just by reading through the threads here. the important things to think about when planning your cab/closet as far as stealth go are light leaks, sound (from fans, ballasts) and the smell. you'll definitely want to have a lock on the cab for security too. read up on how people baffle lights, muffle sounds and how to setup a carbon filter. the diy section is great if money is tight for supplies.
  5. Maui eh? Awesome, jealous. We're on the verge of snow flying here :-(
    Yield will depend on the grow environment (light, water,nutrients, soil/hydro etc) and the strains genetics.

    I saw a dresser setup that was six drawers 2x3, it was divided down the middle for clone/veg on one side, flower on the other. The venting and access was the back of the unit, the drawer faces were fixed to the front. So you had to pull the dresser out to access the back, but it was totally stealth. I can't remember were I saw that, but if you do your homework around the threads and various forums you'll get lots of ideas.
  6. Im far from an expert, but if growing legally and with friends to help with all the work, id be looking into doin SOG and look to clone 3-4 plants every 2 weeks, after 16 week cycle you will have a constant supply of LEGAL weed.
    You have people to help with the numbers, calenders ect.
    Best of Luck.
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    ill keep looking for something that is small, yet can yield quite a bit. Im aiming for 2 ounces 10 every weeks or so if I setup a perpetual. i need to start looking those up lol. anyone have any links that helped them directly with setting up a perpetual grow? if nto ill just start searching
  8. Ahh to much reading

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