Best Marlboro brand?

Discussion in 'General' started by Disaster, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I am getting a new pack of marlboro's tomorrow but I don't know which to buy. Last pack I smoked was marlboro menthols. What is the best marlboro brand in your opinion because I wanna try something new.
  2. 27s are my cig of choice. Or reds
  3. Marlboro 54's!!
  4. Try the Full Flavor 72s..
  5. lol you all gave me number answers. are the regulars good?
  6. stay with green color dude :D marlboro menthol is my choice..
  7. i like marb reds when im drunk
  8. Reds and the full flavor 72's are really good.

    But i prefer reds most of the time.
  9. Marlboro blacks are nice
  10. Smooths are great for when you're under the influence on anything other than weed and alcohol. Reds for when you're drunk/and or genuinely ripped.
  11. Am I the one that has to be 'that guy' and say American Spirits are superior?
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    IMO they aren't. I personally don't like the taste of them very much. The only thing I do like about them is that they burn forever.
    Marlboro reds would be my choice OP, but if I had to choose a favorite cig to smoke it would have to be parliaments.
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    I could be wrong here but aren't they the exact same thing except the 72s are shorter?
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    27s perfect.
  15. Well personnaly i dont buy pre-rolled cigs, So i think my hand rolled bugler tobacco is much better and cheaper than american Spirits.

    There I'm that OTHER guy lol.
  16. special blend black
  17. Straights are shit, cant trust whats in them. Get yourself some rolling baccy, 3x cheaper too.
  18. Marlboro Reds. No question. Not that menthol shit.
  19. lol your right.

    I meant the 27's, it has like 27 different flavors or some shit lol iunno.

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