best magnefying thingy???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by matratzac, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. heard that there are little pocket magnifier things you can buy... for cheap

    i want to look at my trichs and think i might have some bugs
  2. the 420 scope deff. i work in a smoke shop. hawi headquarters. the "420 scope" is defiantly the best one out of all of them

  3. Here ya go. It's the tenth item down. That site has a 10 dollar minimum, but they have a lot of awesome and useful things. I'm sure you can find a 3 dollar item to pick up. Check out a glass jar or something.
  4. the pocket magnifying "thingy" I think that you may be refering to is actually at radio shack for like 9 bucks I think it was.
  5. thanks guys for the help! ill let ya know which one i get
  6. You asked for the "best", that wouldn't be the Radio Shack pocket scope, but to achieve what you need at a great price it's hard to beat that Radio Shack pocket scope.
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    I use my digital camera set to macro. I can zoom in to trichs and watch on my computer in living color.

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