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  1. who was the best live performance you have seen?
    i have been to hundreds of concerts and must say
    Iron Maiden was the best live show.
    so what was your best show? not the best time you
    had but the best live show.
  2. i would love to see iron maiden...which singer did you see?

    i think dave matthews band has to be the best live band ive seen. trans siberian orchestra does a pretty good job too
  3. i have seen quite a few shows of all genres but the best was

    Rage Against the Machine
  4. Groundation, hands down.
  5. radiohead.
  6. Definitly TOOL
  7. Flobots 2 months ago, front row center! Awesome show, and that girl that plays the violin is soooo hot. Last month was Def Leapard, Styx, and R.E.O. Cool old school show. This month got 5 Finger Death Punch, In This moment, Another Black Day, and Bury Your Dead. Gonna be fun for sure. IMO Much Love.
  8. Radiohead puts on an awesome show. I'd give it to Tool after that.
  9. The John Butler Trio or Umphrey's McGee... I've seen hundreds of bands live, but they were two of the best.
  10. PHISH or grateful dead
  11. Muse.

    I'd really love to see Radiohead though. But.

  12. Dave Matthews Band is awesome. They add jam sessions to all of their songs. It's an amazing thing to hear when they are building on each others ideas and really enjoying the music they are playing.
  13. Billy Talent was pretty fucking amazing the two times I saw them at Warped Tour '04 and '05.
  14. Godsmack was unreal.
  15. Phil Lesh and Friends or the Flaming Lips
  16. radiohead


    jimi hendrix (was)

    not even a great fan of the first two even though i do love the music and have great respect for them.

    They are fucking tight live
  17. Umphrey's McGee, by a longshot.

    Phish would win but they broke up, so they lose.
    Trey if you're reading this YOU CAN STILL WIN if phish reunites.:hello:
  18. HAHAHAHAHA.....Trans Siberian Orchestra was probably the gayest/ lamest concert i have ever been to

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