Best lighters?

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  1. i smoke pretty frequently now and I keep going through these SHITTY bic lighters and it's getting annoying. Sometimes I'm outside or in the car trying to light my bubbler/a joint and the fucking flame won't stay lit. What's the best brand/type of lighter for the price?
  2. Use a hemp rope
  3. Bic lighters are good, don't know what you're complaining about.
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  4. The best lighter is the one you have with you.
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    davidoff prestige
    rich boy ($1800+) light

    this is a jetline opal "real nice"
    good tough lighter

    xikar scribe
    my favorite pipe lighter
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  6. But cereal, I used to like Djeep lighters when I cared about such things.
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  7. Whatever is cheap. I lose them far to often to be buying expensive. Can't remember the last time I actually used a bic style lighter until it was empty. Like I said, I lose em often...
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  8. White ones of course.
    I do prefer Bic tho.
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  9. Clippers
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  10. Aye Clippers are the best, pokey included
  11. I use plasma ighters. best shit ever. jus charge it and go. never battle with the wind
  12. I like Bics, but they only really work well when they're new. That's when they have a good solid, strong flame. When they get about half full the flame lowers and they get harder to use for pipes or bongs.

    After reading about Clippers for years, I thought I'd give some a try. I used to think they were just what we used to call Cricket lighters in the US. While they look similar, these are not Crickets! I agree, Clippers rock. The built in pokey thing is great! Reusable also is great! The flame is super stable and can get into a bowl readily at any level. Now it's all I use and I keep a supply on hand.

    I bought a 4 pack of Clippers on Amazon for less than $8. Totally a Bundle - 4 Items - Clipper Lighter Marijuana Hemp "Hojas Maria" Collection: Health & Personal Care
  13. Bics or Clippers, bics last a long time as long as you aren't a pyro about shit.

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  14. and sometimes they come a wee bit defective so that when you turn it on its side to light a bowl it boosts the flame a bit.
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  15. I do not know what you're talking about bro. Bic lighters are awesome for lighting joints and bowls.
  16. With Bics, as the tank goes down, so does the flame. With Clippers, it seems to have a consistent sized flame until the end.
  17. I'm still stuck on using Bics, to be honest. I do use Djeeps every once in a while, but I've never really seen a reason to change it.

  18. Everybody is totally wrong just like u said in the first post bic and every other lighter that uses butane is a piece of crap for two reasons it has to much BHO on ur hot when lighting a bowl and two it's cost 6$ a pack of 5 which don't get me wrong it last a month or so if u don't smoke with other people otherwise they will steal them like normal. Anyways kush medicated the best light is the plazmatic x lighter it is a rechargeable plazmatic light that makes a x when u light it and it has no BHO in it all all. Just remember I'm the one that just set off the newest and best lighter for 2016. Your welcome my friends oh yea also the person that says he uses a hemp rope I will give u two thumbs up I just don't like it bc I medicate every hour or so and that makes the hemp rope burn up quick. Anyways everyone don't buy the knock offs go to the site best site oh and it does cost 58 after tax and shipping but it's on sale normally it's 70 or so I can't remember but get them is while they are on sales and u wont be unhappy I promise u that. Oh and when u go to the site it shows u a video of the light so u can see how of works. Hella sick trust me. Cheers everyone #plazmaticX420alldayeveryday

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