Best light for flowering?

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  1. So what is the best light for flowering?
  2. The best light for flowering in my opinion is HPS.
  3. If your on a low budget pick up some 26w soft white CFL' button!
  4. This light is pretty good.
  5. Thats a pretty generic question.. It all depends on the strain and how may your growing.
    if your doing a closet grow with 6500k CFL's then do a 2/3 2600k 1/3 6500k setup. If your vegging under MH then switch to a HPS for flowering. Like i said, It all depends on what and where...
  6. Ha ha man, it's like the eternity truth... but as you know... it's indoor
  7. Best light for flowering? The sun.
  8. Either HPS or CFLs/fluoros. The key is the color spectrum at or near 2700k. The exact type of light will depend on your grow size, space, budget, and goals.
  9. OK guys, I just ordered a 400watt HPS and it had just arrived today :hello:

  10. did u just buy the bulb or the whole setup?
    how much did that run you?
  11. Don't worry buddy, I know what I'm talking about, it's about 60 bucks in US doller, it was the whole set up
  12. wut u gonna use to veg? did ur HPS come with a switch to go back n forth from MH? or u just plannin on usin hps for the whole grow which i read was possible
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    You wanna make me cry now, cause it was like this, I used CFL for vegging

    and now it become this, because I over fed and their leaves start to fall off one by one, and finally all the leaves fell off


    Once one survived, and it's the picture that I took when I just flashed her
  14. This is the HPS light I just brought
  15. 60 bucks for the bulb and ballast!?!
    ive been needing an hps light forever! send me the link of the website you used to order it on plz?!
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    Sorry man, I didn't brought it online and shit... i brought it from some local market in Beijing... that 1000 watt HPS cost just about 83 us doller... things are cheap down here I tell you that... if you want than maybe I'll ship it for ya... but than again it's gonna be complicated :(

    Hey I just got an idea, maybe I could sell these on E-bay, plus the cost of postal fee, it would still be cheaper than the US ones... just a thought...

  17. no way! sicck! do u live in beijing or how does that work?
    if you could find out how much a 150w/250w/400w costs
    i might need get get one from u on ebay!
    cus the ones on ebay now are way overpriced!
  18. yeah i would go for a 150w one! on ebay they are like 90 bucks... :-( help would be awesome!

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