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Best LEGAL Stimulant

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TnNORML89, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone. Hows tha Box doin tonight?? :wave:

    I've got a question for yall, and i'd really appreciate some feedback. I'm looking for the best legal stimulant, and by legal I mean OTC, Herbal, no script needed, ect., available in the U S of A. I am possibly being tested here soon, and I REALLY need something thats gonna keep me alert and awake for a day or so because I have a mountain of work with this internship i'm applying for.. :(. Any ideas, thoughts, or personal experiences would be great!
  2. Caffeine? Maybe. I'm not so sure there's probably better ones out there. I was gonna say adderall but thanks to adderall I read your whole post.
  3. [​IMG]

    its a mind fuck of pure energy
  4. like what the others said...lots and lots of caffeine
  5. I'm already doing small doses of caffeine throughout the night, but I was hoping for something that would keep me goin steady the whole night, or close to it, and also something that would allow me to focus on my work as much as possible. I might try ephedrine, or pseudoephedrine, and i also have some ginseng(sp?) as well. Does anyone have experience with any of these? What about combinations of the ones listed above?

    I'm not used to dealing with anything but illicit amphetamines, and other stims such as coke, so any help on the topic would be awesome!
  6. coffee and nicotine, also alot of those herbal supplements for working out, but i wouldnt take those. i drink coffee almost daily and smoke my e-cig and i like the way it keeps me alert during the day, especially balances out with a morning bake sesh
  7. Apparently Benzedrine inhalers are awesome to eat, but haven't had any personal experience with them. If you could find any near you, I'd prolly give those a try.
  8. Caffeine pills! you can get like 16 of them for $2. And each pill has like 200mg of caffeine in each one.
  9. Is Benzedrine still available OTC, or is it Rx only now?
  10. Maybe some good kratom extract?
    Can be addictive though and withdrawals are possible.
  11. The best legal stimulant is coffee imo

    But a tasty one is chocolate :smoking:
  12. coffee is nice as well as chocolate like was stated.
    ive heard nutmeg too.
    ive read on erowid a bit about it.
    check it out at erowid.org
    its legal
    but tastes aweful
    u need to crush ground nutmeg and its important thats its fresh ground as well.
    be careful.
    itll mess you up for a long period of time.
    +8 hours

  13. this, low kratom dose is really energetic :)
  14. Look around at tea in local shops. I think there are some teas that are supposed to boost energy and focus and all that jazz.
  15. try ephedrine, bronkaid I believe is the brand name, or a mix of ephedrine and caffiene.
  16. also,
    ginseng never proved to work as its heard about.
    minimal results are actually shown
  17. you can find pure ephedrine pills online. idk about locally maybe.
  18. Well just got back from CVS and heres what I found:

    pseudophedrine (sp?) tablets
    Caffeine Pills
    Ginseng Capsules
    Green Tea with caffeine

    Which of these would you all recommend for a night of work?
  19. Yeah honestly caffeine is pretty strong. Redline gets me pumped as fuck too.
  20. Yerba mate should do the trick.

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