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best laughing stories??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by energize, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. well i want to hear everybody's best laughing stories laughing about nothing getting pissed if your friends are laughing about something retarded

    mine was i just smoked a huge bowl and was going to baseball practice and me and my friend stopped at wendys got food started eating and my friend said something and i couldnt stop laughing and i know there was nothing funny so we ended up leaving cuz i couldnt even eat i was laughing so hard

    but i got pissed at my friends one time cuz we were all high and my friends were fighting over a magazine it ripped and couldnt stop laughing i was playing xbox and just thought they were retarded and annoying
  2. Me an my dude was smokin out of a bread bag bong in our spot four like an hour. When we basically smoked all the weed we sat on the curb and like my dudes fat so I saw his rolls through his shirt an just couldn't stop laughin couldn't even breathe. xD
  3. haha yea my friend kinda looks like a monkey so just seeing him made me week!!
  4. Well me and my friends were fucking around in the bamboo woods. High as fuck. We started pretending to fight with the bamboo sticks. Eventually though one of our friends got all pissy and chucked A peice of bamboo it gashed open another friends hand. It wasn't so much funny then looking back on it though i laugh and I'm glad it wasn't me.
  5. one of my dumbass friends, who im almost ashamed to be friends with, will smoke weed no matter what. i like to fuck with him a lot too, like this one time i rolled a joint outta transparent paper told him it was cellophane from a pack of ciggs, anyways he believes me and smokes 3 jays with me, the whole time he complains about the taste and gags a ton idk why.

    but last night was the fucking best...i convince him that this qwiso hash i had made was black tar heroin, just cuz it turned out black and gooey. so i put some on a bowl and he smokes it no problem, dude just wants to get high sooo bad. i could hardly hold it together all my other friends were busting out laughing cuz they were in on it too. lol:bongin:
  6. Haha! xD I swear i can just look at stuff an die laughin!
  7. Thtas what yu call a fiend... o.o
  8. one time, i took this massive G bong rip from a 2 liter with a downstem. i must have been fried for three hours straight if one rip. anyway, about a minute after i stopped coughing my lungs out i just couldn't stop laughing at nothing in particular.
    another time, off just a few hits i got my friend's boyfriend super stoned. he had to peace out to the kitchen for a bit to calm down cuz he couldn't stop laughing haha
  9. I was in Taco Bell with one of my friends and he started talking about if a house was half on USA territory and half on Mexican territory you wouldn't be able to use stuff on the opposite side of the house. His example was if you wanted to microwave a bagel. I started laughing till I couldn't breathe. I kept asking him to explain the bagel but everytime he went to say something I started laughing for another five minutes. Everybody was watching us and a week later I remembered the story and he finally explained it to me.
  10. i laughed so hard i shit my not really but if i watched someone do that...i most likely would laugh so hard that i would shit mine

  11. The fuck...

  12. Microwave a bagel? The fuck....
  13. Me and a couple of my friends were smoking this bomb hydro when all of a sudden we start to laugh and then we started to laugh at each other laughing and then my own laugh started to make me laugh. All three of us were caught in the laughing death spiral:eek: for like 10 minutes laughing uncontrollably at our own laugh. God i wish i had some more of that weed.:D
  14. I have a few I can remember...

    This one time I was blown and I called my cousin. She answered the phone and said "hi" then I said "hi" and then there was a pause and then we both started laughing for at least 3 minutes. Once we finally stopped she asked me if I was high and I was like "yea" and we both laughed again. then I asked her if she was and she said she was too. It was awsome :D

    This other time I was washing out a cup at my cousins house and I was high and I started laughing for no reason. Then I started laughing because I was laughing for no reason. My cousin heard me and asked why I was laughing

    Cousin:why are you laughing?
    Me: *laughs* because I'm laughing for no reason! Hahahaha

    Good times :D
  15. A couple weeks ago I was absolutely wrecked. Bong rips and and a couple shots of tequila. Ended up at the dq drive thru and we had 4 people that needed to order. I was third in the order so I had plenty of time. I wanted a blizzard and was pretty pumped. After my friends ordered and it was my turn I just stuttered and said "yeah ill take a mc mc mc mc mc mc mcflurry hahahahagahagkssksehhv" non stop laughter out of nowhere. The guy goes uh we dont have that here. So i composed myself and finished the order (had to ask him for a minute so I could get my composure). He deffinatly knew too because it was 2am
  16. WHAT THE FUCK?! xD
  17. First time I inhaled, we smoked out of a pipe. I was laughing at everything. When my friend was walking his bike I found that hilarious, and just couldn't stop laughing. We then went to a Chinese food place(small one) and I laughed, once again, at everything. The people behind the counter knew we were baked, it was hilarious.
  18. Hahah, well the second or third time I got caught a had a bad ass red bong under my bed in a backpack and I guess my mom snooped and found it while I was out on a blunt ride, so I get back reeking like weed and literally stoned silly and I walk in my front door and on my coffee table is my red bong so I ran to the bathroom cause they were outside smoking and tried to figure out something to say and then walk out without any questions so in my blazed ass mind I walked back in when they came in, we all looked at each other, then the bong, then I looked back at them and go "Look guys, if you wanna use my bong just ask..." Snatch it and walk back to my room cheesin'. They never said anything since, and I got hella stoned with that bong that night. :smoking:

  19. im coming down off brownies. and i literally just cried.

    one time me and my buddys went to golden chick and got hella fried chicken and like 4 bowls of free icecream from their machine and i was takeing a drink after a huge bite of chicken and i coughed on the drink and started choking then noticed my cougheing sounded like a grunt and started laughing then freaked cuz i couldnt breath and then noticed i wasnt even trying to breath so i laughed some more. the mexican lady at the counter said how high are yall and i said way to high, she gave us a shitload of rolls :)

  20. his name is even microwavedbagel...the fuck...

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