best joint i ever rolled

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  1. this is the best joint i ever rolled its perfect tightness, size, amount of bud...just a beauty
    a little thin cuz i dont have much bud left but still

  2. It's cute.
  3. its bigger than it looks
  4. whats in it?
  5. That's a sickly looking joint,. Why would you make a thread about it? Read up some and learn how to roll properly then you can be proud.

  6. exactly, shit looks like its got leukemia yo
  7. i'd smoke it
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  9. Did the shit get you high? If so, good joint indeed.
  10. I'd smoke it and it's nice but it's not worth making a thread about sorry man
  11. cut the guy a break, he's obviously excited :p
    Bud, when you can roll something like the one below, then make another post ;)
    *btw that's not my pic* but I can do something similar, just too lazy to post right now.

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  12. Tbh OP I don't think it's any bigger than it looks.

  13. OP should have put it beside a lighter.. although the key-board keys talk for themselves. :)
  14. His joint was cute, you guys aren't. Be quite.

  15. Thats what she said

  16. I don't like it... if it was mine, I'd re roll.... but then again, i wouldn't roll that.
  17. Try rolling a quatar into a cuban cigar shaped coconut paper joint and having it smoke perfect for close to 45 minutes

    Got no pic because they were on my brothers phone and hes got a new one now
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    Pics or it didn't happen...
  19. Quarter*

    Also why tell that story without pics....
  20. im a noob to rolling i usually use my bong or bowl or have a friend roll thats why i am excited please stop being mean

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