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  1. who do you guys thing are the top 5 glassblowers in the game right now? give a top 5 for heady as well as scientific glass.

    3. sgw
    4. illadelph
    5. dwb

    1. freek
    2. salt
    3. n3rd
    5. robin hood
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    SGW is nice but they've never once "wowed" me with anything I saw, and Illadelph is like the american RooR

    "I just bought this sick 5mm tube for 300 dollars bro!"
    - that sounds kind of expensive for a simple tube no?-
    "Yeah but its an ILLADELPH!"

    And I think it would be silly to try to rank people that only make heady shit.

    Since any opion is going to be based on personal preference for style. You cant really comapre "art" like you can compare scientific glass.

    I like how you didn't even put toro in your top five choices lol.
  3. 1.SG
    10.Illadelph (only because there beakers are sexy)
  4. this but fuck illadelph. Hitman glass deserves that spot more
  5. lol technically that would be


    since they are one in the same production companies. That isn't a negative or positive thing of course. just a fact
  6. really? thats dissapointing. not to insult anyone but i find zob's to be low quality and every hitman piece i have seen just kills it. just a lil weird that they would be connected
  7. Scientific

    Luke Wilson
  8. [quote name='"Whohulkwalk"']1.SG
    10.Illadelph (only because there beakers are sexy)[/quote]

    Hulk! You is here!
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    - SG
    - Mobius
    - DWB
    - Hitman
    - Luke Wilson
    - 2011 bc
    - SGW
    - SYN (those new vapor slides and some of the recent tubes I have seen, pulled them way up in my book, and their price)
    - Toro
    - Illadelph (beakers are indeed sexy)

  10. I imagine this will cause a reaction >__>
  11. 1. SG
    2. Mobius (MATRIX)
    3. 2011bc
    4. DWB
    5. Wilson
    6. EFS
    7. ITZA
    8. SGW
    9. SYN
    10. Toro

    Didn't even wanna put toro because jp way overprices his shit, but if im not worried about money hes got good tubes for sure. Still wouldn't put him in top 5 tho, prob belongs after itza.

  12. let them begin hah, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    I live very close to where SYN tubes are made, so I see alot of them in my lhs's, thus my reason for them so far up on my list. There are probably 200-250 pieces in there store right now, from simple straight tubes, to triple nested showerheads, to mini discs, to circ oil slides...tons

    and Toro is still in my top 5, mainly b/c of their a/c's and miro tubes. The a/c's are cheaper than 2010bc and syn as well

    I also tried to give an opinion as to who was doing certain things before other companies (for instance, toro had circs before SYN did).

    I'd love to be enlightened on some things though, always great to learn new stuff/hear other peoples opinions as long as they don't try and force things on you or tell you that there way is the "only" right way.
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    I'm not going to put this in any particular order, since these guys are all at the top of the game.

    -SG. not much more to say. The best of the best.

    -BC. Clean work, good price point

    -Leisure. Best trees in the game.

    -4.O Glass. Innovative, super high quality percs

    -Mobius. Matrix. I wish they would do stemless, can't wait to see the stereo matrix.

    -Dizzle. Swiss percs.

    -Toro. Love em, Hate em, they make great glass.

    -SGW-First quality scientific piece I ever hit- great quality pieces, I've always found the lathework and construction to be somewhat lacking though- not functionally, just aesthetically not that cleanly done.

    -EFS. Up and coming, but uber-clean lathework and blasting

    -DWB. In terms of reputation and national market, one would be hard-pressed to argue that Drew's at the top. However, I'm a huge fan of the glass, and that's what it's all about.

    -US Tubes. Other simple downstem tube-makers might as well give up. UST kills it in that area of the market.

    -HOPS- best inlines in the game, in my opinion.

    -Hamm- unbeatable precision and innovation

    -SYN-on the fence about including SYN. They lost some great blowers to Heady.

    -Mothership crew-not too much scientific work out on the internet or in headshops, but what I've seen is unfuckingbelievable.

    -Evol Empire- blurring the line between scientific and heady, in a great way

    Too much to even start talking about on the Heady side.
  14. My favorite Artists...Top 5 in no particular order

    Dallene Peralta
    Clinton Roman
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    No order----
    -4.0 Glass-

  16. also well put, especially about SYN. I'm hoping that all of the tubes I've seen over the last couple of months are from their new work/blowers. If so, I will attest that the quality seems to be just as good, if not a bit better. They seem to be reinforcing joints more and the glass just looks all-around thicker in most areas

    i'd also like to add that illadelph made my list b/c of their prestigious name, they have a uber unique beaker design, and the upstem/downstem circ attatchments and glycerine coils were definite firsts by them. Also, their worked downstem/bowl combos are fucking awesome, always have great color combos

    lets keep this thread going, I like the input so far, as it seems everyone is simply giving their own opinions and not trying to rip other peoples opinions or shoot them down. :smoke:

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