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Best homemade smoking tool

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by rcc24, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. So Im a pretty relaxed, recreational smoker. Since its summer I smoke about once or twice a week, and since I am currently unable to get to a headshop, I have been forced to use homemade itiems so far. I've been using apples, but those are one and done deals. Maybe I get 2 smokes if I'm lucky. However I want to try something better. Something that may work faster and get me more fucked up. I'm looking for something stealthy that won't stink much, hits relatively easily (at least for something homemade), is healthy, and is small enough that I can stash it somewhere tight. I've used gravity bongs, but the metal pen caps I use for the bowl get clogged and I always thrown them away when I'm baked. I've made a bong twice. The first time I used a metal pen cap as the bowl, with a pen as the pipe and it didn't do me great. It got clogged to easy and had small bowls. The second time I used screen and a rolled up soda can sheet to craft my own bowl (I followed a youtube video). That was pretty good but I actually ended up puking afterward which never happens. Even that high wasn't as good as the apple, and the apple is never as good as the grav. I guess I'm really just looking for a way to make a nice , sneaky gravity bong that is completely homemade and has a bowl that will not get clogged. Thanks for your help I know I wrote alot.
  2. Go to the home depot or any hardware store, pick up a socket that will fit into the hole at the top of a soda bottle...I believe its 13mm size that you'd want, but I could be off. It'll run you betwee 2 and 4 dollars, most likely. Put a pipe screen into the socket, and you'll have a perfect bowl to make a great gravity bong with.
  3. well, as far as i know, any homemade piece isnt gonna be that great, unless youre really skilled. i used apples before i was able to buy pieces and it was always easy enough cause we always have apples in my house/theyre really easy to obtain plus relatively stealthy.

    but i dont think youre really gonna be able to make a piece that you can use over and over without having to fix it up every so often or change the bowl or something.

    you dont have any friends that are 18? seems like what you need is a small chillum or something, or a steamroller, which you could easily find at a headshop if you could get someone to buy it for you.
  4. http://yfrog.com/f/j2bonglolp/

    That's what I used when I first started smoking. I still keep that cap-socket with me cause it's nice to use in a pinch.
  5. Get a small plastic jar, 2 hollowed out pens (or tubing if you can find it), a socket, and a pipe screen. Use those to fashion together a nice bubbler

  6. thats pretty stealthy. but i dont have the money to buy a descent peice so i make my own. get a waterbottle. make a hole 1/3 the way up. stick a pen tube (the gutted body i guess) and put a socket on the end. slide it out as a carb. hold it up with a rubber band. just take off the cap to breath in. i could send you pics of small stealthy ones i made if you want. pm me if you want them. but heres a image i found that basicly shows what i mean.
    heres a page with more designs.
    so pm me if you want to see the small ones. :smoking:
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    A parachute. Things are bomb if you do them right.

    http://www.textfiles.com/uploads/parachute.txt Basic guidelines. Vary the bag and the size too, bread bags or the bags from those Quaker rice cakes work the best.

    Or maybe a small waterfall, they can get you ripped, especially if you can make a glass one.
  8. look up light bulb vaporizer. Best bet, and its easy to make
  9. You risk looking like a crackhead like this.
  10. Bukket/Gravity bong out of a 2ltr bottle. Gets you fooooooked up.
  11. cut a peice of garden hose 15 20 cm long and get a nice thick plastic bottle like a gatorade bottle or one that has a big lid and melt a hole with a lighter and while the hole is still hot force the hose into the bottle at an angle thus creating a airtight seal. buy a cheap metal pipe that has a screw on bowl or get a socket and wedge into the end of the hose while keeping the whole thing airtight.

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