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  1. Ok, while going through some files on my computer i came across the Sun Scrubber. The best home-made scrubber ive ever used. Its from Sun Is Shining from Overgrow, and i didnt have anything to do with making it, nor do i have the pictures for it. But if anyone wants to build one, here is the tutorial. Not sure about how clear it will be to understand without the pictures but i dont have them and i dont have the materials to make a scrubber right now.

    Yet another addition to the family of DIY carbon filter designs.
    I modeled this after the expensive professional filter. It's very simple and easy to build. The only tools required are a screw driver and some wire cutters or snips of some kind.

    All the materials were just under $50, here's the rundown:
    Hardware cloth ~ $6 (the steel, not the plastic. in the fencing section)
    6" & 8" duct caps ~ $4 (one each)
    6" duct collar ~ $2
    6" x 8" duct reducer ~ $3
    Hose clamps ~ $6 (two 6" clamps and four 4" clamps)
    Three 28oz jars of Activated Carbon ~ $20 (from the petstore)
    Small package of Poly-fill ~ $1.50 (from wal-mart)
    Two packages(or two-pair) Extra Queen size black panty hose ~ $2

    Round that all up to $45

    Ok. First to build the "core", get the hardware cloth out and wrap it around the 6" cap (for sizing, I suppose you could measure instead), and snip. Leave a few inches to overlap to strengthen the seem.
    Be sure to snip so as to not leave a row of points, that will undoubtedly poke the shit out of you, not to mention it'll rip the panty hose.
    Once the HC is snipped and wrapped around the cap, use a 6" hose clamp to clamp it down. Do the exact same thing on the other end but using the 6" collar - put the crimped end of the collar inside the core, leaving the tabbed end outward.
    Cut the legs off a pair of panty hose and stretch each one over the capped ind of the core, stretching them and covering the entire core with two layers.

    There are pics missing for a couple of steps, I appologize, my battery kept going out.

    So that's the core, it's finished. Oh yeah, I added a 3rd hose clamp in the middle of the core for additonal structural integrity, though it's not necessary.

    Next, take the collar-end of the core and set it into the 6" x 8" reducer as shown. Flip it over and tape the collar to the inside of the reducer. I used aluminum tape, but a good quality duct tape should do just as well. Fill in the space between the collar and the core with Poly-fill (batting or anyting of that noture will work just as well).
    Once you have that done, it's time to fix the HC to the 8" reducer. Place the 8" cap in the opposite end of the HC for spacing and structure.
    Form the HC around the reducer, just as it was done with the 6", and clamp it down using two 4" hose clamp together-running into each other. I couldn't find 8" hose clamps, so I put two 4" together.

    Now take the panty-part of the hose, the waste band and whatnot, and stretch it over the outside of the HC. Repeat with the other pair, so you have two layers.

    Now for the exciting part, fill it in with the carbon You may need to hold the core at first to keep the spacing even. This will give you a continuous 1" layer of carbon. Perfect.

    Leave an inch or two of space and fill in with the Poly-fill.
    *Not* At first I built it using the full 24" of the HC, after filling it in with carbon, I was left with about 6" not filled, so I snipped the HC rolls to a couple inches above the carbon line.

    Now replace the 8" end-cap, clamp it down, and you're done
    To refill, simply loosen the clamp on the 8" end cap, remove the cap, dump the carbon, re-fill, replace cap.

    I'm sure there's a couple things and points-of-interest I'm missing, but I'll get them as I remember

    I hope somebody can make use of this, and I hope this is as easy to understand as I think it is.

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