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  1. what is the best music to listen to when high? and does it influence your high.

    I like lil wayne and drake and it pumps me up and gets me thinking
  2. lol..

    well, I like hip-hop when I'm high, getting lost in beats/lyrics.

    I also like trip hop (like massive attack, portishead, tricky, etc) when I'm high.. pretty trippy and mellow and mind expanding.

    The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, are all amazing for different reasons when you're high. I love the strange rhythms/time measures these bands all used in a lot of their songs, fucking awesome to listen to their drummers/bassists when you're high.

    STS9, Lotus, and other jam bands and shit are awesome when you're high, so is jazz really (sort of a similar concept to me).
  3. i like lotsa music, but over the past year or so..... DUBSTEP!!! its somewhat hard to apreciate at first... but man, its tripy as.... tripy stuf. look up flux pavillion, datsik, liquid stranger, excision, dr p.... its chill when you get into it..... all time favorite beat blue skies - jamioquai (flux pavillion remix)
  4. I'm not much on the majority of dubstep, (and honestly I haven't heard of most of the artists listed) but I second Liquid Stranger, he has some cool ass music to smoke to, even if you don't like dubstep.


  5. cky is the best while high
  6. a couple sick beats for just chillin
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    I'm a check it out but not to sure if il like it

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