best high music.

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    just started listenin to 3oh3. amazing beats haha.
    so lets see theres
    dj sammy
    3oh3 (starstrukk, chokechain, etc.)
    rkelly's tp3 reloaded

    an cant forget hollywood undead

    anything to add?
  2. I could list so many songs/artists its rediculous but ill keep to my faves

    Dr Dre
    Girl Talk
    Dj Tiesto
    Children of Bodom
    PPK (Awesome as fuck russian trance)

    I pretty much like a bit of everything when im high
  3. It's honestly ridiculous that people would even think that we don't have a thousand threads like this.
  4. tunnel chill zone 2
    and has the whole album for streaming too! link
  5. I've been listening to alot of Boosie when I'm high these days.

    a lil Z-ro
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    dude marley is great music...
    but if u want to trip listen to wax tailor 'Que Sera"
    or "The Games You Play" any of his songs have awesome sounds
    you tube Wax Tailor And pick the song Que Sera when your high watch the video ill trip u out;)

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