best hiding place ever.

Discussion in 'General' started by elmersbuds, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. i found the best and most discreet hiding places ever. If any one out there gots a PS2 check in the back, there should be a little compartment in the back that says samothin on it, u just take off the cover and theres a litte compartment back there. its big ebough to fit a pipe and a about 5 grams of weed. i think the cover says expansion bay or somethin on it.
  2. My roommate, Nugrugger (something like that), has been saying this for awhile now on the boards...

    -Antwan L.
  3. yea its only on the older none slim PS2s.

    the bay is the expansion one where your HDD/internet adapter go.

    so if you got those then it wont work :(
  4. its not that great considerin the fans blow out the smell but if u never use ur ps2 its great.. if u do use it its not a great spot
  5. i used to have a ps2 with a spoon, a syringe, some rolling papers, and prolly somethin else that i dont remember, oh yea, a crackpipe, haha n it was all stored in that lil spot until i let my buddy borrow my playstation for a night and he had a xanax/liquor party n this kid got super buck n stole my playstation and then proceeded to smash it on the pavement, i dont really play video games to begin with though

    its not that i'm weird n do fucked up drugs, its just that i roll blunts or joints and dont really have to much weed parafenalia
  6. I would be kinda worried about the bud getting into the system and fucking up my unit. I guess you could....... Na, fuck that, I won't be putting buds and dust and resin and whatever else in there, good thought though. I would just be scared I was going to mess up an expensive hiding spot. also the fan thing would spread the smell. Good Lookin out. JOE>
  7. if only my xbox was crappy and didnt come with an ethernet port or a hard drive..... :p
  8. DUde I use that spot since last year ... it´s an awsome spot but Im glad Im not the only to use it TOke On...
  9. yea dude, no one like a high playstation :p

  10. haha that was a good one.:D
  11. That's a good spot but I hide my shit in a spare bay in my computer....sits on top of my dvd drive

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