Best head shop?

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  1. Best LSH in ct
  2. lucky for you I'm from ct. There's this really nice head shop called Hobies. It's clean, the displays are really nice, and they have a great variety. They have a great selection of roor/illadelph bongs as well, but they're expensive. I actually bought my HVY bong there and he wanted $120 but talked him down to $80 (didn't even want to spend that much, but it was my first bong, so I said fuck it)
    Anyways, that's the nicest one- here's the address: 16 Red Bush Ln, Milford, CT 06461

    The one I usually go to is Danbury Smoke Shop, which is obviously in danbury (across from stew Leonard's if you're familiar with the area) the prices are average. Not too high, and you can haggle with these guys really easily. Or you can make deals. Like if you buy a bowl, and they charge $30, you can ask them to throw in a few packs of screens, or hemp wick or even a can of ozium.

    There's also a place in downtown danbury called Putnams. It's where I bought my first piece. It's okay. I mean it's super small, doesn't hve much variety and it's pricey as hell. But if you're desperate for a piece, then obviously head over.

    Hope this helped
  3. Northern lights groton ct connected to twelve tattoos
  4. that's where I usually go but have been noticing prices are kinda steepnon things
  5. That's a shame. I'm not in the state anymore but they always used to hook me up, I bought a vape and got soo many papers filters lighters etc free
  6. Spaceys in NM

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  7. Yes
  8. No
  9. Touché
  10. What The fuck??????

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