best guitarists???

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  1. hey, was just wondering who you guys would consider some of the best guitarists there are? some of my favorites are jimmy page, hendrix, pete townshend, randy rhoads....but slash is probly my favorite. then theres dimebag darrel and kirk hammet. who do you guys like?
  2. all of the above....also stevie ray vaughn, joe satriani, b.b. king, ....

    johnny lang, angus young....
  3. JIMI HENDRIX IS THE GREATEST GUITAR PLAYER EVER TO LIVE, AND NO ONE HAS OR EVER WILL SURPASS HIS HOLINESS...EVER. others that might come close, are stevie, page, eddie van halen, and me.
  5. in order of preferance...Ted Nugent..Gary Rosington..Peter Frampton..Robin Trower...and last but not least .Geezer Butler.from Black Sabboth...also any Blues Guy!!!
  6. Jimi Hendrix was sick, but he's definatly wasn't the best guitarist. He is however one of my favorites.

    3 favorite guitarists
    1. Jimmy Page
    2. Jimi Hendrix
    3. David Gilmore
  7. Actually I would have to include Johnny Greenwood in my top five or so- perhaps number two or perhaps even beating mr hendrix (hmmm not to sure about that one) shit if you have ever heard Just you will know what I am talking about.

    Also- did you know that Thom Yorke actually collapsed from Carbon Monoxide poisoning during the shooting of the video for karma police...

    the band- well let's just say: Creep, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, My Iron Lung, The Bends... c'mon you can guess this one...
  8. i am a sucker for bassists but i'll try...
    jimmy page... hendrix... les claypool... OK he rules the bass like it's his you-know-what and more so i can't leave him out... anastasio... warren haynes... so many more but too stoned to finish...
  9. lol. les claypool is the man! best guitarists, i'd have to say kirk hammet from metallica, russ from zao, and the guitarist from the end (not as technical, but an awesome performer)
  10. i forgot the dude from RATM... not too sure on his name... tom morella?o? lol, i'm such a horrible spellar
  11. Jeezus! What about Jerry Garcia?! .......

    where are my fellow Dead Heads at??????

    Jimi Hendrix
    Eric Clapton
    Bobby Donaldson


  12. I have to agree with you on that Captain. No one can play the way Jerry did. Couple other favorites of mine are Neil Young, Jimmy Herring, Steve Kimock, and Trey Anastasio. I could go on. Too many too list :)

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  13. thank you Phishhead! I was worried that i was all alone... lol

    (great pic of jerry too, that has to go in my pic collection)

  14. i go with jimmie page,head fieldy and munky from korn,hendrix,wyclef is pretty good to but its just the way he plays i guess that makes me like him
  15. My favorite guitar player is Tom Morrello (Rage Against The Machine) but i'd say hendrix is the best.

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  17. The best guitar player of all time is Jimi. Maybe not musically but just playing. My other favorites are Clapton, Paige, Beck, Satrioni, Vai, Townshend, S.R Vaugn. None of these other guys would be as good as they are if jimi hadn't come along.
  18. Jimi definitely...I dont really listen to his music but from what i've heard, he definitely the best I seen..
  19. adam jones, tom morello
  20. I just bought the Roy Buchanan anthology and I would now pick him over even Jimi Hendrix. He is one bad mofo.

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