Best grow book for first timer.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Paranoid Man, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. I plan on doing my first grow. Just 1 plant, outdoors. I want to know if there is like a DVD (and, or) a grow book that'll help a noob with watering, topping, feeding techniques. Maybe even information that focuses on different strains and how to take care of them. Any help is well appreciated, thanks. :smoking:<-LOL
  2. I would just go to your local Barnes & Nobles and look in the gardening or plants sections. Flip through some books and see which ones you think will be helpful. Or you could look at some online book review websites and see what they say before you buy. There are tons of books about marijuana out there and carrying them in bookstores isn't some kind of taboo.

    For the DVD I don't think I've ever seen anything...however I'm sure they exist.

    A few months ago when I was heavily researching outdoor growing..I downloaded some books from regular p2p and Torrent programs in pdf format.
  3. I have downloaded a lot of quality movies with lots of information off of limewire and bearshare if you want to go that route
  4. Yeah I was meaning if you guys knew of a grow book in particular that helped you out a lot on your first grow. I'm just paranoid that I'll over or under water them or feed them. If only they could talk so you knew when they were thirsty or hungry LOL
  5. I found "Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD" on a torrent site. Should be pretty sweet!:hello:

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